Sunday, July 25, 2004

Citas Domingueras

"I shall never be ashamed of citing a bad author if the line is good."

Charlotte Whitton
"Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily this is not difficult."

Jerry Seinfeld
"A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking."

Eleanor Roosevelt
"I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then live with that decision."

Rita Rudner
"I was a vegetarian until I started leaning toward the sunlight."


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Derm/cinema Freeze Frame--Why is adult acne a secret?

Un sitio de acne de famosos... hey hay de todo en la internet!!!

Despite the numerous factions in medicine today, there is one fact that remains irrefutable. Any dermatologist, most other physicians, nurse practitioners, mid-wives, holistic docs, alternative medicine providers, chiropractors, homeopathists, cosmetologists, massage therapists, tae bo therapists, and down right old fashioned baseball-apple-pie-and-Chevrolet quacks all agree: Adult acne is extremely common. Probably every person over the age of eighteen struggles with at least the occasional acne lesion. Yet no one talks about it.

Yet acne in all its forms is very prevalent in adults as well. Note the comedones seen through the makeup of singer/ actress/ cultural icon Madonna. Brought on by stress, changing hormone levels and a family tendency, acne begins as superficial pores close. Despite what you may find on the internet, diet does not seem to play a prominent role in causing acne. Deep to these closed pores, inflammation develops. This turns into pustules (white heads) or deep cysts. Pores that are partially open but plugged with material represent blackheads. This material, called keratin, has nothing to do with Madonna's song "Material Girl." Keratin can be drained or expressed, by skin doctors or facialists. This has nothing to do with Madonna's song "Express Yourself." Picking at one's own acne lesions can increase risk of scarring.

Derm/cinema Freeze Frame--Why is adult acne a secret?


Cita del día

Quentin Crisp
"If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style."


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

PDN 2004 Photo Annual

This year's PDN Photo Annual presents the year's most outstanding images from photographers, magazines and agencies that put a human face on the times we live in. From Lynsey Addario's arresting images of the demonstrations in Iraq and Turkey to Taryn Simon's stunning portraits of the wrongly accused to Mitch Epstein's story of his family's crumbling business – these are the images of our times.

The concept was to identify the Men's Journal reader as an exceptionally interesting man who has wildly varied interests. Here, geishas, Rastafarians, a Sherpa, a monk, a couple of Hell's Angels, beautiful models, rugby players, Vietnam veterans and other unique characters have gathered for the funeral of "The Men's Journal Man."

Campaign of ads and posters for Mohegan Sun casino showing the adverse effects of underage gambling.

Documenting the different warring tribes in the Omo Valley of Ethiopia.

hay varias categorías y todas valen la pena checarlas:

PDN 2004 Photo Annual


// R e p o r t a g e //

Sitio dedicado al fotoperiodismo.

ejemplo de un reportaje:

Tanahun District, Western Nepal. During hill selection, potential recruits have numbers painted on their chest in indelible ink. This prevents them from re-trying for selection elsewhere if they are initially unsuccessful. The boys' bodies are minutely examined for any signs of physical weakness and many boys are rejected for basic medical reasons which include high blood pressure, ear or dental problems.

// R e p o r t a g e //



guest link

Un "juego" de reventar bolitas de plástico...



Adrants: 'Alternate Ending' New Movie Marketing Trend

Nueva idea de Hollywood para tratar de hacer que la gente vea dos veces la misma película en los cines:

'Alternate Ending' New Movie Marketing Trend
We all know that once something happens twice, it's an official trend. We can thank Fox Searchlight for this one. The studio has copied itself to incestuously create the new "alternative movie ending" marketing trend. First used with 28 Days Later in which an alternative ending was shot and released during first run and now deployed with indie film Napoleon Dynamite, released June 11 with one ending and in wider release this Friday with a new and different five minute ending. Want to see these alternative ending? Cough up more scratch.

Adrants: 'Alternate Ending' New Movie Marketing Trend


Boing Boing: Monster trading cards

Galeria de tarjetas de monstruos clásicos:

via Boingboing

Boing Boing: Monster trading cards


Bottle Cap Tripod for Digital Camera from Japan

Una muy buena idea para cuando se olvida el tripie... o de plano no se quiere gastar mas de 10 dólares por uno.

The world's first bottle cap tripod by Yodobashi. It magically turns a bottle into a tripod, ideal for night shot and self protrait. The bottle cap tripod fits bottles with 28.5 to 30.5mm diameter.

Bottle Cap Tripod for Digital Camera from Japan


Yahoo! News - Czech cop fires at jaywalker

Lo que en México es considerado casi un deporte es ilegal en casi todo el mundo. Jaywalking, cruzarse la calle por enmedio, y no en las esquinas y tambien cuando no tiene luz roja la vía que se cruza...

pero ahora sé porque en algunos lugares no lo hago...

A Czech policeman has been relieved of his duty and faces a criminal investigation after taking a crackdown on traffic violations too far when he shot at a pedestrian crossing against a red light.

The online edition of the Czech daily Pravo reported the policeman in the western city of Pilsen fired a warning shot in the air as a man walked against the traffic light.

The pedestrian did not return to the sidewalk, so the policeman shot at him twice, missing both times.

"The policeman claimed that he didn't want to kill anyone, and that he was aiming at the man's legs," the daily quoted a Pilsen police official as saying.

No one was injured in the incident, though one of the policeman's shots hit a passing car.

Czech police have embarked on a series of campaigns aimed at halting the rising number of traffic accidents across the country.

hey... solo era a las piernas...

Yahoo! News - Czech cop fires at jaywalker


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas soundtrack is going to rock - Joystiq, the video game weblog -

El soundtrack del siempre bien musicalizado juego de video GTA:San Andreas

Salt’n’Pepa - Push it
Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
Inner Circle - Bad Boys
KLF - 3am Eternal
Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Jane’s Addiction - Been Caught Stealing
Poison - Every Rose Has It’s Thorn
Guns’n’Roses - Sweet Child O’ Mine
Smashing Pumpkins - Today
NWA - **** Tha Police / 100 Miles And Runnnin’
Snoop Doggy Dogg - Gin N’Juice / Ain’t No Fun
Warren G - Regulate
Fugees - Killing Me Softly
Coolio - Gangsta’s Paradise
Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause
The Stone Roses - Fools Gold
Happy Mondays - Step On
The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony
Radiohead - Creep

El primero de esta serie GTA 3 (es el primero de la serie en usar un nuevo diseño y sistema de juego) fue situado en una copia de Nueva York, el segundo de esta 3era parte GTA: Vice City fue nombrado así para hacer referencia comica a Miami Vice... y es una copia del puerto de Florida...

ahora el juego va por primera vez a la costa oesta de Estados Unidos... San Andreas es Los Angeles y el soundtrack es muy noventas...

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas soundtrack is going to rock - Joystiq, the video game weblog -


Erwin E. Smith Collection Guide | Collection Guide

Galería fotográfica de vaqueros, por un vaquero artista.

Erwin E. Smith (1886–1947) always wanted to be both a cowboy and an artist. As a teenager, he worked on various ranches throughout the Southwest, using his camera to document the cowboy way of life that was fading away before his eyes. From 1905 to 1912, he divided his time between home in Bonham, Texas, art school in Chicago and Boston, and ranches in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, where he made some of the most important photographs of cowboy life on record.

Erwin E. Smith Collection Guide | Collection Guide

via metafilter


BBC NEWS | Africa | Panic at Nigerian 'killer calls'

Tú número de celular puede ser mortal...

Nigerian mobile phone users have been anxiously checking who is calling them before answering them in recent days.

A rumour has spread rapidly in the commercial capital, Lagos, that if one answers calls from certain "killer numbers" then one will die immediately.

A BBC reporter says experts and mobile phone operators have been reassuring the public via the media that death cannot result from receiving a call.

He says that in such a superstitious country unfounded rumours are common.

A list of alleged killer numbers has been circulated but no-one is reported to have died from answering the phone.

The BBC's reporter in Lagos, Sola Odunfa, says that the current scare story is reminiscent of a rumour that spread a few years ago that a handshake could cause sexual organs to disappear.

That rumour turned to tragedy as mobs rounded on people accused of making organs disappear.

Despite the massive public interest, no-one was found to have lost their organs.

Como me acorde de esta cita de movietalks leyendo el artículo:

Dune (1984)

"My name is a killing word."
Kyle MacLachlan como Paul

y estoy seguro que eso de el "apretón" de manos que desaparece organos sexuales tambien tiene algo que ver con Dunas...

BBC NEWS | Africa | Panic at Nigerian 'killer calls'

via engadget


Citas del día

Michael Fry & T. Lewis

"The more things change, the more they remain...insane."

Christopher Lasch

"Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success."


Monday, July 19, 2004

Citas del día

Jean-Paul Sartre

"Three o'clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do."

Heywood Broun

"Nobody talks so constantly about God as those who insist that there is no God."

Andre Maurois

"In literature as in love, we are astonished at what is chosen by others."

Robert Morley

"Anyone who works is a fool. I don't work - I merely inflict myself upon the public."

Pierre Beaumarchais

"If a thing isn't worth saying, you sing it."

Gary Trudeau

"I've been trying for some time to develop a lifestyle that doesn't require my presence."

Robert Frost

"Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence."


low culture: Twentieth Century Fox, meet award-winning director Chris Cunningham

Bjork fue primero y luego Will Smith, o mas bien la producción de Yo, Robot les pirateo el diseño del robot...

you be the judge.

oh yeah bjork is way cuter...

low culture: Twentieth Century Fox, meet award-winning director Chris Cunningham

drew's blog-o-rama: the movie blog that other movie blogs beat up after school.


Tragedia en el set de "La fabrica de Chocolate"

La adaptación de Willy Wonka y la fabrica de chocolate, ahora solo "Charlie y La Fábrica de Chocolate" dirigida por Tim Burton tuvo un pequeño problema en el set...

se les cayó una camara en un tambo de chocolate...

una camara...

Charlie' Filming Halted As Lens Gets Chocolate Treatment
The remake of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory was thrown into chaos on Wednesday when a worker dropped a $540,000 camera lens in a vat of chocolate. The clumsy technician had failed to properly secure his wire-held camera, and watched aghast as it plunged into the three foot deep tank. According to insiders, the delay the incident caused could cost director Tim Burton's project up to $900,000. One source on the English set says, "When the camera fell it was like a slap-stick scene straight from the movie. A team of riggers had come in specially from the States to set it up over the vat of synthetic chocolate. But someone made a mistake and it wasn't secured properly. The production team didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The camera is probably beyond repair." A film spokesperson adds, "Technical tests were being carried out to see how close the camera could be moved to the chocolate. A camera did go into the liquid owing to a mechanical fault." Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is an adaptation of the best-selling Roald Dahl novel of the same name, which was first filmed in 1971 under the name Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory.

Cuando se cae, una camara tan cara... sigue siendo una camara???

creo que le hubiera dólido menos a Burton si se cae Helena Bonham Carter al chocolate...

Johnny Depp vuelve a trabajar como Burton... como Willy Wonka... could work...


Saturday, July 17, 2004

The Daily DesignBlog

Uno de los mejores sitios de diseño en la red... Y con esto quiero decir que se la pasa buscando que hay en la red en cuanto a diseño... dos o tres links al dia muy recomendables.

a y esta en alemán...

The Daily DesignBlog

via 123pormi


Ninja Video Promotes Asset Management Firm

sorry, sorry...

tienen que ver este video de una firma de administración de activos japonesa... ( no es necesario saber que es administración de activos...) hecho con ninjas!!!

Ninja Video Promotes Asset Management Firm


Police Chief Cracks Down on Tattoos

La policia de San Diego se "sensitiviza" (es una palabra??) a las preocupaciones de la ciudadania y ordena a sus oficiales a cubrir sus tatujaes... aun en verano.

Verano de California...

Police Chief Cracks Down on Tattoos

SAN DIEGO - The police chief in the nation's seventh-biggest city is cracking down on his own officers' tattoos.

Effective Wednesday, San Diego police officers with "excessive" body art must cover it up with long sleeves or turtlenecks while on the job. Hot summer temperatures won't be an excuse.

"For 37 years in this business, I have never worn anything but long-sleeve shirts with a tie. I think it's the way officers ought to look," said Chief William Lansdowne, who announced the policy in a long-sleeve shirt and a tie.

The new policy, outlined in a five-page memo, is expected to affect half a dozen of the department's more than 2,000 officers, police spokesman Dave Cohen said.

Lansdowne, who took over the department last year, said he believes San Diegans deserve a professional, well-groomed force. He said the new policy — which also covers piercings, branding and decorative scarring — will help project that image.

The rules say tattoos covering more than 30 percent of the exposed skin of a uniformed officer must go undercover. So must tattoos that rise above the collarbone and any tattoo depicting nudity, violence, or profanity. Ditto for racist tattoos, Nazi insignia, pentagrams and gang symbols.

Lip, eyebrow, tongue and nose piercings are out. Uniformed women get one earring per ear on duty (keep it in the earlobe, please). Men get none.

The head of the union representing San Diego police didn't object to the rules but said he had hoped officers who already have large tattoos would be exempted.

"We have officers that have military tattoos, that have flowers," said San Diego Police Officers' Association President Bill Farrar. "It's more prevalent now."

Other California police departments have similar regulations. Los Angeles requires officers to cover their tattoos. The New York Police Department, however, has no rules on the books specifically prohibiting tattoos.

Police Chief Cracks Down on Tattoos


Dwell Home

Casa prefabricada. Looks very very nice.

Dwell magazine’s recent pre-fab home contest yielded a winning design by NYC architectural firm Resolution 4. The challenge was to build a 2000 sq. ft. home, taxes and land in, for under $200K. The 2,042 pre-fabricated home was delivered to its Pittsboro, NC site in seven pieces by a local North Carolina manufacturer. The house has three bedrooms and 2.5 baths.

Dwell Home


Friday, July 16, 2004

You are fired!!!

Dos veteranos de C.S.I. van a tener que buscar nueva chamba... they be fired.

Case closed for 'CSI' vets Eads, Fox

are rolling on CBS' "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." Sources said two
supporting actors on the show, George Eads and Jorja Fox, have been let
go amid a salary scuffle with series producers CBS Prods. and Alliance
Atlantis. Sources said that Eads showed up for work late Thursday
morning, when the show had an early 6:15 a.m. call time, and was sent a
termination letter soon afterward. Fox was understood to have been sent
a similar termination letter Wednesday. Sources said CBS recently asked
all of the actors on "CSI" to send in a formal letter assuring the
network that they would report to work as scheduled for the start of
production on the show's fifth season. Sources said CBS terminated Fox
after failing to receive her letter. It is not clear whether the
actress had sent the letter, but one source indicated that she had.
Eads did comply with the network's request to submit his letter,
sources said. (Cynthia Littleton and Nellie Andreeva)


Cita del Día


"All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind."


Thursday, July 15, 2004

Citas del día

W. H. Auden
"Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh."

Paul Fix
'The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.'

'A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation.'

Jack London
'You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.'

John Wilmot

'Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children and no theories.'"



Galeria de posters y flyers de maquinitas!!!

el super clásico Galaga!


via: Metafilter


Wednesday, July 14, 2004

All you need is luck...

A vacationer who purchased a suitcase at an Australian flea market found a trove of Beatles memorabilia inside, including photos, concert programs and unreleased recordings, The Times newspaper reported Tuesday.

While the materials have yet to be authenticated, some experts believe the collection is the lost "Mal Evans archive," originally belonging to the Beatles' roadie and confidant.

Evans was killed by police in Los Angeles in 1976 after he had brandished a fake gun. His belongings were lost during the police investigation.

Fraser Claughton, 41, from Tinkerton, England, bought the suitcase in a small town outside of Melbourne for about $36.


A 4 1/2 hour reel-to-reel tape recording includes John Lennon and Paul McCartney experimenting with previously unrecorded tracks, plus new versions of "We Can Work It Out" and "Cry Baby Cry."

The Times put an extract from another of the newly discovered recordings, "I'm in Love," on its Web site,

The Lennon-McCartney song was never released by The Beatles but was released by another Liverpool band, The Fourmost.

The tapes, labeled "Abbey Road ... not for release," will be evaluated by the Beatles' record label, Apple, and examined by experts to determine their origin and authenticity.

entre otras cosas... con estoy el balón millonario de Beckham... los suertudos ya no compran boletos de loteria.

Flea market suitcase yields Beatles trove


Las gueras no son tan tontas....

a menos que antes de una prueba de inteligencia les lean chistes de gueras tontas...

"Dumb blondes" live up to stereotype

BERLIN (Reuters) - Blondes perform intelligence tests more slowly after reading jokes playing on their supposed stupidity, say psychologists in a newly published German study.

Some 80 women of various hair colours were tested on their mental capacity to work quickly and precisely in a series of psychometric tests. Before sitting the tests, half the participants had to read "dumb blonde" jokes, such as:

"Why do blondes open yoghurt pots while still at the supermarket? -- Because it says 'Open Here' on the lid."

"No blonde woman believes she is stupid," said Jens Foerster a social psychologist from the International University Bremen in northern Germany on Wednesday.

"But after exposure to negative social-stereotypes about them, the fair-haired participants performed significantly more slowly in the tests."

Foerster explained the result by saying that when people are told they can't perform a task well, they work more slowly but more cautiously, to try to make fewer mistakes.

"The study shows that even unfounded prejudices generally dismissed as untrue can affect an individual's confidence in their own ability," said Foerster.

"Dumb blondes" live up to stereotype


Zapper Could Bring End to Car-Chase Era

Esta pistola no es aparato pero si da una buena idea de lo que hace:

Zapper Could Bring End to Car-Chase Era

July 12, 2004

A new device could effectively end car chases by zapping car microprocessors with a quick jolt of energy. The prototype has been commissioned by law enforcement agencies such as the Los Angeles Police Department, and could be ready as soon as next summer. Hear NPR's Robert Siegel and David Giri, president of ProTech, the product's maker.

Zapper Could Bring End to Car-Chase Era

imagen y liga via Gizmodo


Citas del día

Franklin P. Adams

"I find that a great part of the information I have was acquired by looking up something and finding something else on the way."

Sir Ralph Richardson

"Acting is merely the art of keeping a large group of people from coughing."

Ambrose Bierce

"Absurdity, n.: A statement or belief manifestly inconsistent with one's own opinion."

Jules Renard

"Failure is not the only punishment for laziness; there is also the success of others."

Harold Rosenberg

"No degree of dullness can safeguard a work against the determination of critics to find it fascinating."

Lewis Thomas

"The cloning of humans is on most of the lists of things to worry about from Science, along with behaviour control, genetic engineering, transplanted heads, computer poetry and the unrestrained growth of plastic flowers."


Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Man jailed after shooting his testicles

Que no volarse las bolas es castigo suficiente???

A British man who accidentally shot himself in the testicles after drinking 15 pints of beer has been jailed for five years for possessing an illegal firearm, a court spokesman says.

David Walker, 28, was arguing with a friend at a pub in South Yorkshire when he went home to get his sawn-off shotgun, which he jammed into his trousers.

But as he walked back to the pub, the gun went off, blasting pellets into his testicles. Doctors later removed what remained of his testicles during emergency surgery.

Walker admitted possessing a prohibited weapon at a hearing in June at the court in Sheffield.

Man jailed after shooting his testicles


100 Wonders

Catalogando las maravillas del mundo. Esta es la lista segun Hillman...

Top 100 - the best of the best
The world has over 100,000 travel attractions.
Only 1 out of 1,000 of those attractions win my
top 100 Hillman Wonders Gold Medal.
to go a menu that lets you view a
photo and description of each top 100 wonder.

Teotihuacan esta en lugar 21... nada mal

100 Wonders


Pensandolo bien... mejor no

Un hombre y su mujer entran a un pacto suicida por el hecho de que tuvieron sexo consensual antes del matrimonio... pero. PERO! a la mera hora el que era de Irán y no de Jalisco... se rajó.

Man Dodges Suicide Pact with Bride

Mon Jul 12, 8:21 AM ET

Add Oddly Enough - Reuters to My Yahoo!

TEHRAN (Reuters) - An Iranian man who struck a suicide pact with his new bride over their guilt for having pre-marital sex is being held by police after he backed out on his side of the bargain, judiciary officials said on Sunday.

The couple, who were not named, had been married for just two days when, "due to their guilty consciences for having illicit sexual relations, they decided to kill each other at the same time," the official said.

The man helped to hang his wife but then changed his mind about killing himself and handed himself in to police in the northeastern Khorasan province, the official told the ISNA student news agency.

Pre-marital sex is taboo in the Islamic state where some girls have to go through a virginity test before tying knot.

yeah right... Estoy pensando que mas bien fue un...suicide you! pact.

Odd Iran Suicide


Monday, July 12, 2004

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Photo Gallery (Crash Landing)

En la página de snopes hay una sección para desmentir o afirmar leyendas urbanas.

esta es una foto tomada de una cámara de video instalada por la policia para captar accidentes viales.

dentro del circulo rojo hay una persona...

ven el coche que esta volando hacia alla?

para ver si es una leyenda urbana o si realmente paso... y ver el video que tomo esta camara...

hagan click en el link

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Photo Gallery (Crash Landing)


Would you use it ?

Here's a picture of a public toilet in Switzerland that's made
entirely out of one-way glass. No one can see you in there, but when
you are inside, it looks like you're sitting in a clear glass box.
Would you use it?

la vista de afuera...

la vista desde adentro...

uck. esta pesado eso de aunque sabes que no te ven...

y ya alguien se pregunto que va a pasar de noche?

Would you use it ?

via metafilter


SmartKlamp: Single-Use, Automatic Circumcisions

Me da miedo vivir en una sociedad que inventa un auto-circumcisador (si es que existe la palabra)

link a gizmodo
SmartKlamp: Single-Use, Automatic Circumcisions


Couple had sex on stage during concert

KRISTIANSAND/OSLO (TV 2 Nettavisen): As Kristopher Schau and his band Cumshots were in the middle of their concert; a young couple entered the stage, stripped and had sex

Este acto puede ser catalogado como:

a) Buena idea...
b) Exhibisionismo
c) Buen concierto!!

fuck for the trees!!

The young couple, Tommy Hol Ellingsen, age 28, and Leona Johansson, age 21, are members of the environmental organization «Fuck for Forest.» They have sex in public in order to put focus on the rainforest.


Nettavisen: News in English


Cita del Día

Robert Frost
"The world is full of willing people, some willing to work, the rest willing to let them."

Jerome Blattner
'A person who trusts no one can't be trusted.'

W. C. Fields
'A thing worth having is a thing worth cheating for.'


Yahoo! News - Japanese Folk Singer Wins Parliament Seat

Siempre que pienso en Okinawan rock, pienso en Shokichi Kina... ahora diputado shokichi...

Shokichi Kina, who denounced Japan's backing of the U.S.-led war and occupation of Iraq, ran on the opposition Democratic Party's ticket to win a seat in the upper house of parliament.

"Trade all weapons for instruments. Turn all military bases into flower gardens. Let's have festivals, not war," Kina said at a music hall where he held a concert after being notified of his victory.

Supporters in rainbow-colored dresses with peace slogans celebrated as others threw a sweaty, smiling Kina up into the air.

uck too hippy for me... y porque andaba pensando en rock de okinawa...?

Yahoo! News - Japanese Folk Singer Wins Parliament Seat


Yahoo! News - Go to Space Cheap -- with One Catch

Una forma más barata para ir al espacio...

un problema... tienes que estar muerto...

You don't need $20 million to be a space tourist anymore. Just $1,000 will put you in orbit -- or at least a gram of your incinerated remains.

After a three-year hiatus, privately held Space Services Inc. is poised to resume service in September launching containers full of people's ashes into space, where they will circle the Earth for years to come.

"We're hopefully 65 to 90 days away from the largest ever space funeral launch," Charles Chafer, president and chief executive of Houston-based Space Services, told Reuters on Friday.

hmmm. estoy inclinandome por la incinerada... el debate es donde poner las cenizas


Yahoo! News - Go to Space Cheap -- with One Catch


Yahoo! News - Australian Surfer Killed in Shark Attack

Esta historia no se me hace tan curiosa o extraña...

me hubiera gustado leer "Australian Shark killed in Surfer attack"

ahora ya sabemos porque no soy editor de periodico.

graduado de la escuela J.J. Jameson de Periodismo!!!

An Australian surfer was attacked and killed by possibly two sharks off the west Australian coast Saturday, said a fisheries official.

The surfer in his late 20s was attacked while surfing a break called "Left-Handers" near one of Australia's most famous big wave surf spots, Margaret River, 124 miles south of Perth in the state of Western Australia.

"The man suffered a large bite to the legs and torso," a Western Australia police spokesman told reporters.

One witness told Australia's Sky News that two teenagers who pulled the victim out of the water said the shark was "as big as a car." The Western Australian Department of Fisheries was investigating whether two sharks could have been involved.

Yahoo! News - Australian Surfer Killed in Shark Attack


Yahoo! News - Israeli Court Tells 'Shrek' to Cut Castration Jibe

En Israel tuvieron que regresar a la distribuidora todas las copias de shrek 2 por burlarse de un cantante y sugerir que era eunuco...

a el no le pareció tan gracioso.

An Israeli singer famed for his falsetto won a court case against the Hebrew version of "Shrek 2" on Monday for implying he had been castrated.

In its original Israeli dub, the hit animated comedy had one character threaten to emasculate another by saying "Let's do a David Daor on him" -- referring to the leading contralto who represented the Jewish state at the Eurovision song contest.

"This film intends to present me, in perpetuity, as a eunuch, a man with no testicles, and turn me into a laughing stock," Daor told Yedioth Ahronoth daily before the suit.

Tel Aviv District Court ruled in the singer's favor, and ordered "Shrek 2" withdrawn from 20 cinemas pending a redub.

The film's Israeli distributor could not be reached immediately to say what phrase it would use instead.

Yahoo! News - Israeli Court Tells 'Shrek' to Cut Castration Jibe


Better night vision through cannabis


Pues resulta que el cannabis cada vez esta mas milagroso...

We knew it gave people the munchies and made them giggle. Now researchers claim to have found a new property in cannabis - it helps us see in the dark

in the dark...

Scientists made their discovery after becoming intrigued by Moroccan fishermen who not only failed to lose their sense of direction after smoking generous amounts of local kif, a mixture of cannabis and tobacco, but seemed to navigate better on dark nights.

o en realmente no importarles hacia donde iban...

But their results backed up claims by the Observer columnist Sue Arnold, who suffers from retinitis pigmentosa and is officially registered blind. She noticed several years ago that drawing on strong Jamaican skunk suddenly and temporarily enabled her to see things clearly.

But Ms Arnold has since warned of side-effects that could impede night-time navigation.

claro siempre hay un pero...

"Only trouble was," she said, "I couldn't stand up."

hehehehe "because I got high"
Guardian Unlimited | Life | Better night vision through cannabis

via boing boing


Friday, July 09, 2004

Cita del Día

Kurt Vonnegut
'One of the few good things about modern times: If you die horribly on television, you will not have died in vain. You will have entertained us.'"


Thursday, July 08, 2004

Otro banner de aniversario cortesía de Mayrinator


Corsomatico manda un banner!

gracias a todos por un año de lectores!!!


Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Para celebrar un año de ponchorama se me ocurrió recolectar en un solo post algunos de los "clásicos" de ponchorama.

Matrix en Japón

Después de un año la celebración del estreno de la secuela de Matrix sigue estando impresionante (no así las peliculas en sí que apestan)

Matrix Ping Pong!

El video que ejemplifico que se puede hacer con poco presupuesto y mucha creatividad. y estoy adicto al "soundtrack"

Matrix Ping Pong

I despise you and your so-called taste

Crítico automático de música. Lo odia todo, pero el "como" es lo importante.

I've tried to wipe R.E.M.'s In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003 from my mind, but, for you, here's what I can remember...

Like the annoyingly obvious grunting of the couple next door having sex whilst you lie in bed, lonely, unloved and out of tissues, the 'from Man on the Moon soundtrack' of The Great Beyond should not be played to the vulnerable. Or those with ears.

Dark Postcards

Para el pequeño gótico que tenemos dentro, o que conocemos


¿Cuál es tu nombre pirata?

¿Cuál es tu pirata interior?

y mas ligas de piratas

Edward Burtynsky Photographic Works

Galeria de imagenes de desastres naturales y naturalmente causados por el hombre

Rock it like an Ewokkk!!!!!!!

No toco la guitarra, ni soy tan fan de Star Wars (Han disparo primero maldita sea!!!) pero ambas podrian cambiar con una de estas:

Santa Patrona de la Televisiòn.

Probando el viejo adagio de si Santa Clara no va a misa, la misa va a Santa Clara, y el resto es historia.

Hablame sucio... Como en la Inglaterra Victoriana.

Generador de insinuaciones sexuales (eh?) en terminos de la Inglaterra Victoriana. ej:

Turn your passions upon me! I lie in wait, my avenue too fair, too open to be miss'd.

New penis grown on boy's arm

El titúlo lo dice todo, y lo que no dice lo ilustra la foto... ah los rusos...

What's on When

La idea es realmente buena. Cada vez que vamos de vacaciones en el lugar al que llegamos estan pasando miles de cosas que no sabemos que estan pasando. El sitio Whats on When les puede ayudar para que en sus próximas vacaciones no se pierdan de nada en la ciudad que visiten.

Galeria de Insectos.

Me siguen fascinando las fotos de insectos de este sitio... y sigo sin saber quien compraria insectos por internet.

Fetus Soap -

Esta imagen fue la que me hizo buscar hosting para imagenes, ya que me acusó de "bandwith thief" ah... las memorias...

Brain Drugs.

o Eye Drugs... no matter they still look freaking cool

The indexed Phobia List

Revisando la lista de fobias de la pagina de fobias... (duh!) encontre esta:

Bald people- Peladophobia.


De Cat Killer a Cat Raper.

El famosisisisisímo Cat Killer

The ORIGINAL Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products

mi favorito el traje de hombre murcielago:

How Old is Your Inner Child?

El mio tiene 10...


Recuerdan la escena en dumbo donde se emborracha (quien sabe qué mas tenia la cubeta...?) y ve elefantes rosas. its all here

Algo que declarar??

Ingeniosas formas de cruzar la frontera sin papeles.

o lo serian si no estuvieran publicadas en la pagina de aduanas de Estados Unidos.

Kurt Wenner - Gallery of Work

Un muralista de pisos que realmente maneja bien sus perspectivas

Female or Shemale 3. A photo quiz from B3ta.

La famosisíma página de identificación de errores briagos en el futuro.

mas quizzes de b3ta:


Acid Trip

Increíble página donde a un dibujante le van dando dosis de lsd y esperan para ver que pasa...

un clásico

Tijuana Bibles

Los remixes pornográfricos de algunos comics, hecho en el estilo que se llegó a conocer como Tijuana bibles.

Jesus Dress Up

Jesus necesita un nuevo guardaropa...

Erotic Museums in Japan

La famosa vulva de ballena entre otras cosas...

The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia

La prueba de que Kevin Bacon es el centro del universo.

World66, the travel guide you write: visited countries

Comentarios y otros candidatos para estar en este post son bien recibidos

y gracias por leer!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Yahoo! News - Women Fined $71,000 for Drunken Driving

Un poco de justicia mas equitativa.

En Noruega, si causas un accidente te pueden multar un mes de salario...

Que es particularmente doloroso si ganas US$71,000 al mes:

Police gave her a breath test and found her blood alcohol level was 0.2 parts per million, or 10 times the legal maximum in Norway, Verdens Gang newspaper reported.

Norwegian courts usually fine those convicted of drunken driving an amount that corresponds to a month's salary. Because the woman's annual salary is 6 million kroner (US$860,000), she got the hefty fine.

She was also given a suspended jail sentence of 25 days.

pero claro siendo como soy me tengo que preguntar... Qué pasa si no tienes chamba?? es como ser "intocable"? si tu salario mensual es de 0??

Bueno supongo que si te echan al bote... pero lo puedes discutir.

Yahoo! News - Women Fined $71,000 for Drunken Driving


Cita del Día.

Nunca pensé hacer una cita política mexicana...

Nunca pensé que hubiera alguien peor que Yoko Ono...

Julio Castillo López Hijo de Carlos Castillo Peraza, exlíder nacional del PAN
Martha Sahagún es como la Yoko Ono del gabinete


Monday, July 05, 2004

Yahoo! News - Man Judged Insane Is Called for Jury Duty

El sistema de justicia mundial necesita un plan B...

A legally insane Houston man who gouged his girlfriend's eyes with a steak knife has received a jury summons and might be able to serve, but lawyers say it's doubtful he'll be picked for a panel.

lo que me fascina es la cita del abogado.. "it's doubtful he'll be picked..." lo que es "doubtful" es que sea parte de la raza humana... el abogado el crazy sonavabitch por lo visto tenía un motivo para sus acciones:

Campbell, 30, was acquitted in 1997 after a jury found he was legally insane when he attacked girlfriend Kristen West the previous year, blinding her in one eye and permanently damaging her sight in the other. Campbell received treatment as an inpatient at the Kerrville State Hospital.

The attack followed West's refusal of Campbell's marriage proposal. He said he thought her eyes were demons.

yeah right...

-Te casarías conmigo?
-Die bitch!!! ahem ahem demons and shit!!

historias como esta me dan ganas de sacarle los ojos al fulano... (por tener demonios por supuesto...)

Yahoo! News - Man Judged Insane Is Called for Jury Duty


Yahoo! News - Jury: Stealing a Kiss Isn't a Crime

Antes de que se pongan todos romanticos lean la nota:

Stealing a kiss is not a crime, a jury has decided.

A computer repairman who kissed a customer during a house call was acquitted of battery Wednesday.

Steven Allen Moyer, 40, said he figured the woman was lonely and might want companionship.

"She said she didn't have a steady boyfriend," Moyer testified. "I asked her if she wanted a boyfriend for 15 minutes."

Victoria Franich said Moyer cornered her, grabbed her and kissed her twice — after billing her $20 for the service call. She said Moyer also asked her if she wanted to show him the bedroom.

"I said no and he left," she said. Franich then called police.

The five-man, one-woman jury took 90 minutes to acquit Moyer.

si eso no es acoso sexual no se que demonios es.

y yo sigo prefieriendo perdirlos prestado

Yahoo! News - Jury: Stealing a Kiss Isn't a Crime


Molecular Expressions: The Beershots Photo Gallery

Imagenes moleculares de cerveza...

negra modelo:

corona extra

Welcome to the Molecular Expressions BeerShots website featuring digital images and photomicrographs (photographs taken through an optical microscope) of the World's most famous beers. We have arranged the beer images by country.

Molecular Expressions: The Beershots Photo Gallery


Saturday, July 03, 2004

In These Games, the Points Are All Political

guest link.

Es obvio que los juegos en línea también pueden ser utilizados como parte de campaña política. Este articulo del New York Times (se tienen que registrar) explica este sub mundo político.

BY day, Jeremy Kenney, 33, fixes Web sites and databases for the Republican National Committee. By night, on weekends and in his spare time he dabbles in an emerging form of political marketing: the online game.

Part advertisement, part journalism, part cartoon, such games put fun in the service of ideology - with varying sophistication.

One of Mr. Kenney's efforts, Democratic Debate Bingo, is little more than an interactive cartoon. A more engaging game is John Kerry: Tax Invaders: the player controls President Bush's head, which fires laser bolts at descending phalanxes of numbers. After fending off three waves of numbers, meant to represent prospective tax increases, the player is rewarded with the message, "You've saved the country from John Kerry's tax plans!"

mi favorito?

In Bushgame ( /bushgame.html), the story line involves Hulk Hogan's recruiting Mr. T and He-Man to battle the Bush administration, which has been taken over by the robotic Voltron. "I want people who severely like Bush to know better the arguments against him," Mr. Oda said. His game mixes gruesome humor and a grab bag of pop-culture references with a detailed (if pedantic) presentation on tax issues and budget policy.

digo esta Mr. T... I pity the fool!!

yo todavía sigo apoyando mi juego político favorito: votar

The New York Times > Technology > Circuits > In These Games, the Points Are All Political


Friday, July 02, 2004 - News - Billboard Featuring Fake Students Blamed For Crashes

No es tan buena idea usar maniquies encima de los espectaculares:

A billboard in Cleveland, Ohio featuring mannequins of students has been blamed for causing several traffic accidents, according to a Local 6 News report.

Motorists traveling near the sign said it appears that someone is trying to jump from the top of the billboard. Witnesses said there have been as many as five accidents in the past few months after motorists slammed on their brakes while glancing up at the sign.

Police said despite the fender benders, the billboard would remain up since the responsibility rests with the drivers. - News - Billboard Featuring Fake Students Blamed For Crashes

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