Tuesday, July 20, 2004

PDN 2004 Photo Annual

This year's PDN Photo Annual presents the year's most outstanding images from photographers, magazines and agencies that put a human face on the times we live in. From Lynsey Addario's arresting images of the demonstrations in Iraq and Turkey to Taryn Simon's stunning portraits of the wrongly accused to Mitch Epstein's story of his family's crumbling business – these are the images of our times.

The concept was to identify the Men's Journal reader as an exceptionally interesting man who has wildly varied interests. Here, geishas, Rastafarians, a Sherpa, a monk, a couple of Hell's Angels, beautiful models, rugby players, Vietnam veterans and other unique characters have gathered for the funeral of "The Men's Journal Man."

Campaign of ads and posters for Mohegan Sun casino showing the adverse effects of underage gambling.

Documenting the different warring tribes in the Omo Valley of Ethiopia.

hay varias categorías y todas valen la pena checarlas:

PDN 2004 Photo Annual

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