Friday, July 29, 2005

diller & scofidio: the blur building

Regine de WMMNA debería de reportar esto, pero esta medio incomunicada, así que:

the centerpiece pavilion of the the sixth swiss national
exhibition is a suspended platform shrouded in a perpetual
cloud of man - made fog,
designed by architects elizabeth diller and ricardo scofidio.
the cloud can host up to 400 visitors.

the so called 'blur pavillion' is visible from afar.
the building consists of a 60 x 100 x 20 - metre metal
construction that sprays innumerable tiny drops of lake water
from 31400 jets. the high-pressure spraying technology
ensures that the fleeting sculpture will be visible in all
weathers, rain or shine.
the high-pressure spraying is carried out by high-grade
steel jets with tiny apertures only 120 microns in diameter,
through which the water is forced at a pressure of 80 bars
onto fine needlepoints directly above the apertures and
atomised into innumerable tiny droplets 4 to 10 microns
in diameter. the droplets are so small that most of them
remain suspended in the air. if sufficient jets are installed in a
specific volume, they saturate the air with moisture and
create the effect of mist or, in this case, the effect known
as the blur.

Excelente mezcla de arquitectura, naturaleza y arte.

diller & scofidio: the blur building

via New Art

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