Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Kirin Biru Kudasai...

Un link muy japanorama para acabar el año. Japander es una coleccion de comerciales de artistas americanos haciendo comerciales en Japon.


Harrison Ford pidiendo una fria en el avion...

y con dedicacion especial para Laura...

Rick Astley!!! He likes the Mitsuda Cider!!!

hehehe, y ahora para la verdadera dedicacion:

Ewan... vendiendole cafe a los nipones

Feliz año 2004


24 cosas que no se deben hacer durante la proyeccion del Maraton del Señor de los Anillos

1. Stand up halfway through the movie and yell loudly, "Wait... where the hell is Harry Potter?"

2. Block the entrance to the theater while screaming: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

3. Play a drinking game where you have to take a sip every time someone says: "The Ring."

4. Point and laugh whenever someone dies.

5. Ask everyone around you if they think Gandalf went to Hogwarts.

6. Finish off every one of Elrond's lines with "Mr. Anderson."

7. When Aragorn is crowned king, stand up and at the top of your lungs sing, "And I did it.... MY way...!"

8. Talk like Gollum all through the movie. At the end, bite off someone's finger and fall down the stairs.

9. Dress up as old ladies and reenact "The Battle of Helms Deep" Monty Python style.

10. When Denethor lights the fire, shout "Barbecue!"

11. Every time Elrond appears, shout out (in your best 'Dobby' voice) "Clothes! Master gave Elrond Clothes!"

12. In TTT when the Ents decide to march to war, stand up and shout "RUN FOREST, RUN!"

13. Every time someone kills an Orc, yell: "That's what I'm Tolkien about!" See how long it takes before you get kicked out of the theatre.

14. During a wide shot of a battle, inquire, "Where's Waldo?"

15. Talk loudly about how you heard that there is a single frame of a nude Elf hidden somewhere in the movie.

16. Start an Orc sing-a-long.

17. Come to the premiere dressed as Frankenfurter and wander around looking terribly confused.

18. When they go in the paths of the dead, wait for tense moment and shout, "I see dead people!"

19. Imitate what you think a conversation between Gollum, Dobby and Yoda would be like.

20. Release a jar of daddy-long-legs into the theater during the Shelob scene.

21. Wonder out loud if Aragorn is going to run for governor of California.

22. When Shelob comes on, exclaim, "Man! Charlotte's really let herself go!"

24. After the movie, say "Lucas could have done it better."


Monday, December 29, 2003

MadBlast - The Ugly Truth About Celebs

Un sitio un poco injusto de estrellas de cine y de television sin arreglarse y sin pintarse o de plano recien despertadas y probablemente crudas.

hehehe, pero buena diversion.

MadBlast - The Ugly Truth About Celebs



10 comerciales, ya sea en video o en ediciones impresas, que muestran o un total desconocimiento del producto o de plano de la incapacidad de este de cruzar fronteras. En mencion particular esta el comercial de la mujer que reencarna como cucaracha porque no compro focos osram... que donan a templos budistas parte de las ganancias, por lo que se hizo acreedora a un mal karma, y por eso reencarna como este insecto...

yo todavia sigo sin entender los comerciales de radio del Volkswagen fest...

ejemplo del G-spot de Gucci...



Una pastorela

Pero siendo ponchorama, es una pastorela muy al estilo Monty Python.


..:: Merry Christmas from Hyperlaunch ::..


Acrobatic Gluttonous Trees Worldwide on Primeau's website o Arboles come cosas parte II

ok, ya no me rio de la parte en el señor de los anillos donde los arboles se mueven...

Acrobatic Gluttonous Trees Worldwide on Primeau's website


The Very Secret Diaries

un fragmento del diario muy secreto de Aragon, hijo de Arathorn...

The Very Secret Diary of Aragorn, Son of Arathorn
By: Cassandra Claire
Day One:

Ringwraiths killed: 4. V. good.
Met up with Hobbits. Walked forty miles. Skinned a squirrel and ate it.
Still not King.

Day Four:

Stuck on mountain with Hobbits. Boromir really annoying.
Not King yet.

Day Six:

Orcs killed: none. Disappointing. Stubble update: I look rugged and manly. Yes!
Keep wanting to drop-kick Gimli. Holding myself back.
Still not King.

Day Ten:

Sorry no entries lately. V. dark in Mines of Moria. Big Baelrog.
Not King today either.

Day Eleven:

Orcs killed: 7. V. good. Stubble update: Looking mangy.

Legolas may be hotter than me.
I wonder if he would like me if I was King?

para mas y mejores diarios:

The Very Secret Diaries


Monday, December 22, 2003

Which Batman Villain Are You? - Quizilla

Buen quiz de villanos de Batman...

mi resultado... no surprises there...

Seriously, you're twisted.
You are: THE JOKER!

Which Batman Villain Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Which Batman Villain Are You? - Quizilla


Tuesday, December 16, 2003


Lynnfox does as Lynnfox can. Y que hace Lynnfox??

Las animaciones flash de los conciertos de Bjork.

pretty nice eh?



Thursday, December 11, 2003

iPods de colores

Si el blanco no es tu color, y realmente quieres un ipod, Colorware tiene la solucion, desarman tu ipod y lo pintan si ya tienes uno, o te venden uno nuevo pintado


tambien funciona para ibooks y otras cosas.



Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I am immortal I have inside me blood of kings!!


o por lo menos eso es lo que penso esta persona:

A naked, samurai sword-wielding martial arts expert screaming, "I'm God! I'm immortal" hacked his wife to death yesterday in a blood-soaked Bronx rampage, police said.
When the madman lunged at police, one cop fired 14 shots - bringing down the suspect but also hitting her partner twice. The cop's vest stopped one bullet from hitting his chest, though another slug penetrated his knee.

The wounded cop and suspect were in stable condition last night as relatives mourned 24-year-old Kisha Denton - and wondered what caused her husband almost to decapitate his wife of one year.

Haciendo parentesis, que clase de policia le dispara 14 veces al sospechoso, y no solo no lo mata, pero casi mata a su compañero??

New York Daily News - Home - Samurai slaying


Friday, December 05, 2003

INTERCOT'S Thrillride Experience: IAAPA 2003

Supongan que tienen el dinero... si quisieran instalar una montaña rusa a donde irian a comprarla?? Un buen lugar para empezar es en la convencion anual de productos para parques de diversion.

INTERCOT'S Thrillride Experience: IAAPA 2003


found_objects: No Parking Tree


Thursday, December 04, 2003

El mejor calendario del 2004?

Scott McCloud piensa eso, y si no piensan que es el numero uno, por lo menos esta muy alto en la lista.

Nuns Having Fun


Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Mama, I'm coming home...

He posteado varios links morbidos en estas paginas, pero este esta entre los primeros lugares.

en este sitio se encuentran archivos de audio y texto de las cajas negras de aviones justo antes de que impacten.


While on a flight from Denver to Portland, the aircraft ran out of fuel while the crew was distracted with a landing gear problem. Failure of the captain to monitor properly the aircraft's fuel state and to properly respond to the low fuel state as indicated by other crew members. Contributing to the accident was the failure of the other two flight crew members either to fully comprehend the criticality of the fuel state or to successfully communicate their concern to the captain.

CAPT = Captain
F/O = First Officer
F/E = Flight Engineer
FLT ATT = Flight Attendant
APP = Approach Control
### = expletive

F/O I think you've lost lost number four ... better get some crossfeeds open there or something
FLT ATT I'll go and make the five minute announcement - I'll be sitting down now.
F/O We're going to lose an engine!
F/O Fuel!
F/O Open the crossfeeds, man!
F/E We're going to lose number three in a minute, too - it's showing zero!
CAPT You've got a thousand pounds - you've got to. [emphatically]
F/E 5,000 in there ... but we lost it.
CAPT All right.
F/E Are you getting it back?
F/O No number four - you've got that crossfeed open?
F/E No, I haven't got it open. Which one?
CAPT Open 'em both - get some fuel in there! Got some fuel pressure?
F/E Yes sir.
CAPT Rotation! Now she's coming. OK - watch one and two. We're showing down to zero or a thousand.
F/E Yeah.
CAPT On number one?
F/E Right.
F/O Still not getting it.
CAPT Well, open all four crossfeeds.
F/E All four?
CAPT You've got to keep 'em running!
F/E Yes sir.
F/O Get this ### on the ground!
F/E Yeah - it's showing not very much more fuel.
CAPT [to Approach Control] United 173 has the field in sight now - we'd like to turn left for 28L.
APP OK - maintain 5,000.
F/E We're down to one on the totalizer. Number two is empty.
CAPT [to Approach Control] United 173 is going to turn towards the airport and come on in.
APP Turn left, heading 360 - and verify you have the airport in sight.
CAPT [to Approach Control] We have the airport in sight.
APP United 173 is cleared for visual approach - Runway 28L.
CAPT Reset that circuit breaker momentarily - see if we get gear lights.
CAPT Yeah - nose gear's down.
CAPT [to Approach Control] How far do you show us from the field?
APP I'd call it 18 flying miles.
F/E Boy, that fuel sure went to hell all of a sudden - I told you we had four. [four thousand pounds]
CAPT There's an interstate highway type thing along that bank on the river - in case we're short.
CAPT That's Troutdale [airport] over there - about six of one and half a dozen of the other.
F/O Let's take the shortest route to the airport.
CAPT [to Approach Control] What's our distance now?
APP 12 flying miles.
CAPT About three minutes - four.
F/E We've lost two engines guys! We just lost two engines - one and two.
F/O You've got all the pumps on and everything?
F/E Yep.
APP United 173, contact Portland Tower, 118.7 - you're about eight or niner flying miles from the airport.
CAPT They're all going - we can't make Troutdale!
F/O We can't make anything!
F/O Portland Tower, United 173, Mayday! We're... the engines are flaming out - we're gong down! We're not going to be able to make the airport!

Last words


Female or Shemale 3. A photo quiz from B3ta.

hehehehe. solo de pensar el quiz que sigue me pone a reir.

Uno de estos dos es un uno. Y la otra no.

y opino que el quiz deberia ser obligatorio antes de ir al carnaval de Veracruz y Tailandia (el pais, no el carnaval)

Female or Shemale 3. A photo quiz from B3ta.


Been Caught Stealing!!!!

Update: Este es un guest link, guess I was just monkeying around...

Un par de oldies but goodies. Y digo quien no le gustan los monos. Especialmente los micos roboticos.

Monkeys in North Carolina have remotely operated a robotic arm 600 miles away in MIT's Touch Lab -- using their brain signals.

The feat is based on a neural-recording system reported in the November 16 issue of Nature. In that system, tiny electrodes implanted in the animals' brains detected their brain signals as they controlled a robot arm to reach for a piece of food.

Si claro, pura risa y chistes de bananas, hasta que los monos se rebelan y destruyen nuestra civilización.

Damn them!!!!!
Monkey controls robotic arm using brain signals sent over Internet

Monkeys implanted with special electrodes moved a cursor on a computer screen just by thinking about it, and learned how to do it better with practice, scientists reported on Thursday.

The experiment could eventually lead to the development of better prosthetic limbs for amputees and might even offer a way for paralyzed patients to move again.

"They were able to move balls around, by thinking about it, in three-dimensional space," said Andrew Schwartz, a neural physiologist at Arizona State University who led the study.

hehehehe... move balls... hehehe.

okie had a monkey minute. ahem. Grandioso, los cientificos no satisfechos de que la mayoria de los niños del mundo sea adicta a los videojuegos, ahora quieren pervertir a los pobres monos. Oh the humanity... or is it the monkeyianity?? - Monkey Moves Cursor!


Monday, December 01, 2003

'Spiderman' stunt kills Kolkata girl

New Delhi: A six-year-old girl hanged herself when she put a rope around her neck and jumped off her bed to imitate a stunt of the cartoon hero Spiderman.

Rituparna Biswas, who lived near Kolkata, hooked the rope to her bedroom wall Saturday and leapt in front of two friends, who panicked and called in the girl's mother from the kitchen.

But when the mother arrived, Rituparna was already unconscious and foaming at the mouth, a newspaper said quoting police. The girl was pronounced dead at a hospital.

hmm. nota a mi mismo: Averiguar como doblan o que le hacen a la caricatura de Spiderman en India... far as I know... Spiderman se balancea de telarañas que salen de las manos... no el cuello.

hmmm. necesitamos de unos monos para probar la teoria de que era un episodio en particular. gotta love the monkeys.

'Spiderman' stunt kills Kolkata girl -

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