Thursday, April 28, 2005

Evilkid Productions

Galeria de A.V. Phibes:

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A.V. Phibes is an artist, designer and retired sideshow performer based in New York.

Phibes has been doing comic strips off and on since 1995, with her comics appearing in various small publications. After moving to New York, she eventually parlayed the cartooning into a career in illustration and then parlayed the career in illustration into a career in designing graphic properties for merchandising. Since then, the doodles of A.V. Phibes have been spotted in Hot Topic, Spencer Gifts, Urban outfitters, Claire's Boutique and more.

In 2003, was completed as a one-stop shop for all of A.V. Phibes' comics, art ,merchandise and other shenannigans.

Evilkid Productions: Art by A.V. Phibes

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que esta en sueco (I think) pero no por eso deja de estar buena.

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