Thursday, April 28, 2005

Living Zen - JAPAN

La galeria del fotoperiodista Androniki Christodoulou que trabaja en Japón.

Esta foto es de Shibuya 109. LA TIENDA. Si eres mujer joven. Si eres hombre el ambiente se torna tan hormonal que tienes que abandonar el edificio. (just kidding L. ) (No I am not, fuimos en un dia feriado... I still have nightmares about it...)

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109 department store in Shibuya. A swarming district of fashion boutiques, restaurants and clubs built around the Western hub of Tokyo's major train lines, Shibuya hosts millions of youngsters each year, who come to shop, eat and play. Lingerie and cosmetics for pre-pubescents are worrying enough for many parents, but the surrounding district also incubates hundreds of massage parlors, flesh joints and porno companies, part of a booming sex industry that is always hungry for young flesh.

Existen muchas galerias y artículos en el sitio. Casi garantizado a que hay algo para todo el mundo.

Living Zen - JAPAN

Kimono Revival - Tokyo

tambien: (transexuales, homeless, dogs, cosplay)

ANDRONIKI CHRISTODOULOU - photojournalist based in Tokyo

via Metroblogging Tokyo

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