Wednesday, April 27, 2005

MDN: WaiWai

Solía leer WaiWai diario, pero me saturé de información amarillista y absurda de Japón ( I know... pero no critiquen hasta que no les pase) lo bueno de alejarme, es que cada que regreso lo encuentro cada vez mejor.

La nota de hoy es bizarra. Estan acusando a un dibujante de Manga SM de... basarse en la vida real:

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On April 7, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested Hideka Tada, age 38, who, writing for Dojinsha Co. under the pen name "Hideki Nonomura" has been acclaimed for his famous SM cartoons in which adolescent females with enormous breasts undergo acts of humiliation similar to the one above. Tada, it seems, wasn't content merely to imagine such activities, but wanted to experience the real thing before turning to his sketchpad.

Miss A, whose testimony appears above, stands a petite 155 centimeters in height and is described as a "beauty." She had worked as an assistant in Nonomura's studio from about 18 months ago.

"It was the night of August 22," she recalls. "I got to my apartment around 11:30 PM, and on my way into my room, I heard this man's voice."

As she trembled with fear, the man stuck duct tape over her mouth and covered her eyes with a mask. He then slapped a pair of handcuffs on her wrists and bound her knees and ankles with ropes. She then overheard him making a telephone call, in which he said, "I've got the woman secured The position of moles on her body match what you told me." He also said, "You've got her parents' house surrounded? Good."

"I've got the woman secured The position of moles on her body match what you told me." Un clásico, me recuerda los dialogos de canciones de At the Drive in... totalmente incoherentes.

"After that, he demanded that I fondle myself, and then suck his thing..., and then he demanded I have sex with him. I didn't do everything he wanted though."

aqui entra el CSI y con métodos científicos se encuentra al culpable...

The man's threats to Miss A via telephone and in person continued at the rate of two to three times a week for the next seven months. But one day she noticed that a December 2002 cartoon story entitled "Humiliation" told a tale that matched her own terrifying experiences to a "T."

Primera prueba. Su historia es similar a una, que hace su jefe. Pero el fiscal no podrá hacer nada con esta información. We need proof!

Her suspicions hardened and in January of this year she confirmed that Nonomura was her tormentor when she went to bed with him and observed that the penises of the man in the mask and her employer were a perfect match

penis match? Only in Japan. No hubiera sido necesario escuchar la voz del maleante hablantin, y de su jefe pidiendole un cafe, o un borrador?? Not in Japan it seems. You need to go undercover.

Y por supuesto que no le creo nada al escritor de la nota. Si es que arrestaron al dibujante de manga... el se inventó el resto. Welcome to WaiWai.

MDN: WaiWai

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