Tuesday, February 15, 2005

New play lets audience shock performer

A new one-man play in Brazil gives the audience the chance to literally shock the performer.

Michel Melamed gets an electric shock every time someone in the audience makes a noise.

The strength of the shock depends on the noise level but it can go up to 90 volts.

Melamed wears a specially designed suit connected to wires and devices which measure audience reaction.

Any noise from the audience - laughter, booing, applause, even coughing - can cause a shock.

Mr Melamed is performing his play, Regurgitofagia, at the Sesc Belenzinho theatre in Sao Paulo.

He said: " All theatre is an experiment. The true theatre has to be innovative and has to raise questions."

Le deseo suete, y que nunca, NUNCA, vayan chavos de prepa a su función. He be dead...

Ananova - New play lets audience shock performer

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