Friday, February 11, 2005

an investigation into my consumption

Francis Baker es un artista que trata con muy buena técnica los problemas a los que se enfrenta. En esta parte de su página, ¿Por qué consumimos?

Why do I have such a strong desire to purchase and consume every time I go out of my home? Why does it feel so good to buy a power drill or a pair of leather boots, an electric toothbrush, some scotch tape, bottled water, or mints in a tin? The questioning of my desire to consume is at the crux of this series.

With the foundation of hang tags, I spotlight a capitalistic symbol. I arrive at the age of consumerism, and a solution, with the Endo (the Zen circle) the nullification of desires through knowledge of the material world's emptiness. Yet, even as the answer is here in this forceful statement, it was not fully accessible. The calm was fleeting. A solution reached for the moment of painting the Endo, a circle with nothing in the middle; but, it seemed, there was never nothing in the middle.

Francis Baker

via Mayra L.

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