Thursday, June 02, 2005

Free Range

Free Range es la exhibición gratuita de los trabajos de estudiantes de diseño y maestría de diseño de varias universidades de Gran Bretaña.

Free Range is a programme set up by The Old Truman Brewery to support and promote new creatives. This major annual event showcases the work of art & design courses from all over the country bringing the very best of the nation's graduates together in a festival of exhibitions. Graduate work, from across the disciplines, will be exhibited by the numerous colleges involved, from art and design to photography and interiors. In addition to the event, the work of thousands of exhibitors will be showcased in the official Free Range catalogue and website.

Esta es la página personal de Kasia Trilling para poder ver más de su trabajo
Kasia Trilling
Goldsmiths College, University of London

La liga les lleva al catálago por escuela, pero se puede configurar a hacer busqueda por categoría
Free Range

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