Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Rambo coming out of retirement

Una de esas noticias que me hubiera gustado que salieran el dia de los inocentes.

Stallone, now 58, will don combat trousers for a fourth time, this time to slug it out against American white supremacists bent on killing his wife and daughter. In the new film, the grunting killing machine has turned middle-class family man and has "assimilated into the tapestry of America," according Stallone, who is also the movie's scriptwriter. He promises a film in the vein of Straw Dogs and Deliverance.

Since he was last seen taking on the Soviet army alongside Afghan mujihadeen in Rambo III, our hero has continued toiling for the American military. However, workplace stress has forced him to leave the big city for a quiet, rural life. Unfortunately, local racists dislike the fact that a part-Navajo man has moved into their area, and so kidnap Rambo's 10-year-old daughter, forcing dad to set up a rescue operation.

If Rambo IV is successful, there could even be more Rambo films in the pipeline. "It's a franchise," said Avi Lerner, chairman of studio Nu Image/Millennium Films, "If No. 4 works, then you have a No. 5."

Digo Rambo 4 era de esperarse, hace años se veía más probable que ahora... La más impactante sorpresa para mi es que los rumores de que Stallone va a dirigir la biografía de Edgar Allan Poe... sean ciertos:

The Rocky star is keeping himself busy these days. Last week, it was announced that he would write and direct a biopic of the American writer Edgar Allan Poe. He is also due to shoot a film based on his own screenplay about the murders of rap stars Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G.

I hope its the steroids talking...

Nevermore... ADRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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