Wednesday, April 13, 2005


El blog de un gringo en Japón. Contesta con exactitud de miedo el "¿Qué pasaría si Weird Al Yankovich fuera a Japón?"

Then I went up to these other girls who were totally dressed up and I was like, 'DUDE, YOU GUYS ARE SOME OUT OF CONTROL DRAG QUEENS!!' but their leader turned out to be totally from new york city and totally understood me; she was like, 'yeah thanks, buddy.'

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Also, it's important to note that GOTHS ARE NOT THE SAME AS VISUAL KEI FANS. Even though they dress the same. Visual kei fans are 16. Goths are their parents. Also, Goths are pretty good at not smiling or having fun. Visual fans are totally at home wearing black cloaks and cracking jokes with their be-cloaked pals, while sending emoticons on their cell phones. Also, visual fans don't really care about music, they just like pretty boys in the bands. Whereas, if today is an average concert, goth fans like their band members to be AS UGLY AS POSSIBLE. How's that for hair-splitting distinctions?

lastima que su página no sea muy amigable, pero si le buscan encontraran joyas de japón.

TOKYO DAMAGE REPORT: japan, punk, hentai, engrish, goth, robot, kogal, otaku, shibuya, harajuku, schultz, fetchi, etc.

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