Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Booked by a Jerk (escort.blog-city.com)

Este blog me recuerda a Hugh Macleod que tiene un blog de marketing: gapingvoidpero que se dedica a predicar que todas las profesiones deberian tener un blog para ser más exitosos. here goes then:

El blog de "dama de compañía" y su encuentro con un mal cliente:

It ranks as the worst encounter I’ve had so far. Popped my bubble about how enjoyable a career this is. Reminded me there are morons out there so blatantly lacking in class.

It was a late night call and I was on my way home. As I explained, I wasn’t dressed for the part but could be ready for him in 45 minutes at my place. But he seemed a tad impatient and insisted he’d meet me half way and take me back to his place for an outcall. I said okay, provided he’d give me a ride back home. The fact that he was after a black escort or nothing had limited his options at that time of the night.

There was no chemisty. His place was a studio flat with a battered sofa bed which I fortunately never had to lie on. He stood at one end of the room and asked me what I had. Which was his uncouth way of asking me to undress. I stripped to underwear and stood there like a slave on a selling block.

He then asked if I’d like to see his dick. He said it with the assurance that it would be the highlight of my year. What is a girl to say? With an Oscar-worth show of enthusiasm, I said yes.

Booked by a Jerk (escort.blog-city.com)

via Working Girls (que ya no es actualizado)

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