Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Russian surgeons 'grow' penis on man's forearm

Para los lectores veteranos de ponchorama, el encabezado no les dice nada. De hecho han de pensar que ya estoy reciclando notas. pero no. Siempre que leo notas como esta me pongo a pensar si el tiempo de estos "pioneros" de la ciencia no estaría mejor utilizada tapando el hoyo de ozono, curando el cancer, o reduciendo la irritación en los ojos por horas y horas de internet. Pero ahora sale una nota como esta que me calla la boca. La operación de hace más de año y medio en el niño ruso para "crecerle" un pene en el brazo ahora ya esta institucionalizada...

A Russian man born with genitals so small that he was unable to have sex has been given the chance to lead a normal love life after a new penis was "grown" on his arm during pioneering surgery.

In an 11-hour operation, plastic surgeons in Moscow removed the 28-year-old's undersized penis and stitched it on to his left forearm, where they grafted on additional flesh and tissue taken from his inner arm. The newly enlarged organ, which had grown from less than 2ins to nearly 7ins, was then reattached to his groin.

His surgeon, Professor Mikhail Sokolshchik, of the National Medical Surgical Centre, hopes that the patient will eventually be able to have sexual relations and father children.

The patient, who comes from a Siberian village and was identified only by his first name, Sergei, paid more than £1,000 towards the cost of the operation, which the doctors warned was performed at his own risk. The bulk of the cost, however, was borne by the clinic, which hopes to market the procedure to similarly afflicted men around the world.

El Guardian, siendo periódico respetable que es muestra esta imagen:

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Telegraph | News | Russian surgeons 'grow' penis on man's forearm

pero este siendo ponchorama, les traigo el refrito del niño con el pene en el brazo:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Doctors have grown a new penis on a Russian boy's arm after he lost his old one in a bizarre accident.

The 16-year-old, named only as Malik, lost his penis after receiving an electric shock while urinating on an electric wire.

Surgeons grew a new penis on his arm and have now moved it to his groin.

The Russian Clinical Hospital for Children surgeons created it by putting an empty latex cylinder in Malik's forearm and pumping a solution into it every day, reports Pravda.

The cylinder grew on the boy's arm for 10 months until it took on the shape of a penis.

Ananova - New penis grown on boy's arm

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