Thursday, July 21, 2005

Qué es indigear?

IndyGear has been devised to provide information about and links to people who do. We are simply a resource to help fellow Indiana Jones fans locate items used in the movies for their own collection. Think of us as an online Grail Diary to provide clues and help you in your quest to find that perfect Fedora...or whatever it is you are searching for.

Basicamente son fans de Indiana Jones con ligas a tiendas donde puedes conseguir consas que el Dr. Jones usó o usaría...

The Indiana Jones shirt is a typical safari-style shirt in a light khaki color. Its distinctive feature is two strips of cloth or pleats above and below both pockets. For a long time, this was a difficult item to find. Noel Howard emerged in recent years and offered authentic replicas of the shirt for sale. Both the Raiders & Last Crusade color buttons were available.

In terms of authenticity, the MBA Costumes Shirt by Noel Howard was your choice if you are looking for an item than can boast being made by the original production supplier. However, not all fans have agreed to certain specs in relation to the "screen seen" or visible accuracy, and yet others have been interested in more economical versions.

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