Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Jack Black is a geek god.

Sólo hay un lugar en la tierra donde el ganador al oscar Adrien Brody y Naomi Watts en un panel de preguntas serían opacados por Jack Black.

LA convención de Comics en San Diego:

So I went to Comic-con on Saturday, and like most of the people there, went primarily to see Tenacious D. Well in order to see the concert, you had to get there 4 hours early and sit through some panels advertising the latest films coming out. Not bad, because you get to see some actors and actresses trying to deal with a group of people that they probably have forgotten about since high school - Geeks.

So, the panel for King Kong comes up, and they show the trailer and a 2 1/2 minute rough cut of a scene from the film. Then the lights come up and Adrian Brody, Naomi Watts and Jack Black are standing on the stage. Every body goes apeshit (pun intended), and the three of them are really happy, until it becomes apparent that everyone is only really excited about seeing Jack Black. Here is one of those humbling experiences that will only happen to Brody and Watts a few times in their career. Sitting on a panel not being asked any questions by 3000 people who care less if they are there, and having to listen to question after question being directed to a B-list actor. [Ed.note--JB a B-lister? Hush your mouth, lest you be torn limb from limb by Comic-Con attendees.]
The best part: somebody went up to the mic during the Q & A and said offhandedly, "Oh, and I really like Michael Brody's work too." To which Adrian responds, "Dude, that was the guy from Jaws."

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