Friday, July 22, 2005

"The guy was bottoming for a horse?

Creo que no leí bien el título y no fue hasta que leí la nota que finalmente entendí...

Like me, you may have spent the past few days starting questions that you just couldn't finish out loud.

Questions about the man, the horse and the goings-on at that farm in Enumclaw. Why would he ... ?

And then, how did they ... ?

But then, wouldn't it ... ?

There are answers, to be sure. Just none I can print here.

But this I can: On July 2, a 45-year-old Seattle man died from something called acute peritonitis. His colon was perforated while he was having sex with a horse.

And how do you die from sex with a horse. Well the horse is having sex with you that's why.

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