Friday, July 22, 2005

Stevengraphs Bookmarks & Postcards Etc.

y qué es un Stevengraph?

Thomas Stevens invented the title "STEVENGRAPH" and the first recorded use of this title was on the paper backing label of his woven silk bookmarks, in 1876. Stevens also later named his factory in Coventry, "Stevengraph Works" and this again first appears on the bookmark backing label of 1878 - 1880.

Today it is assumed the Stevengraph title applies only to his woven silk pictures. As these however did not appear until May 1879, it is evident Stevens intended the title to include his silk bookmarks, silk portraits and silk postcards too.

excelente galería:

soy sólo yo, o haría una excelente patineta/snowboard. Hasta el nombre del modelo ya tiene. The Redeemer!

poncho is going to hell.

Stevengraphs Bookmarks & Postcards Etc.

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