Thursday, July 07, 2005


Delete! empezó como una instalación en Viena, el objetivo borrar los espectaculares y otros anuncios:

Delettering the public space
An installation by Christoph Steinbrener & Rainer Dempf

Summer 2005, Neubaugasse, a Viennese shopping street – For a period of two weeks all advertising signs, slogans, pictograms, company names and logos will be covered in monochrome. Something you might have seen before in the form of two-dimensional representations or photomontage is going to be translated for the first time into three-dimensionality, into the here and now reality of Vienna’s Neubaugasse, by Christoph Steinbrener und Rainer Dempf.
“Delete” will entail a very likely unique cooperation of all resident shopkeepers with a spectacular art project, a cooperation that has been made possible by the shopping street management unit of the Vienna Economic Chamber. For a period of two weeks, the entrepreneurs will renounce their identities to become part of a large-scale installation.

Vvoi en New Art ya habia blogeado al respecto y ahora postea un update con las reacciones de la gente a el proyecto:

"Blue would have been nicer"


via New Art

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