Thursday, July 07, 2005

And the greatest American rock band ever is ...

Encuesta realizada después de que la columnista de USA Today posteara su propia lista de la mejor banda americana de rock.

Su pick fue R.E.M

The people's choice:


por qué?

Yes, the Seattle rockers outranked powerhouses such as Van Halen (No. 3), The Doors (No. 9) and Nirvana, which landed at No. 18. At first, I was shocked by the choice (to be honest, I fully expected Aerosmith to win). But the more e-mail I read, the more it began to make sense.

Why is Pearl Jam the greatest? Here's what you said:

•They've stayed true to themselves. "Instead of selling out with videos and constant press coverage, they pulled back at their height, and focused on the music," wrote Willie McNabb in El Dorado, Ark. "They belong up there with Neil Young, Zeppelin and The Beatles because they never compromised their integrity, which is really all any of us have."

•The music rocks. From Atlanta reader Tom Baker: "They've continually reshaped their sound, album after album, and are still making great, vital music 12+ years into their career. What else could you want?"

•Their records sell ... "... because they're good, not because they've been hyped to death by the media," McNabb added.

•There have been scores of imitators. "How many Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder knockoffs have invaded rock radio since Ten?" asked Scott Jordan, another Atlanta fan.

•Their concerts are first-rate — and affordable. Jake Mohlman from Barrington, R.I., praised the band for keeping ticket prices low. "It's unique in an era when most artists gouge their fans to the limit," he wrote. "Likewise, releasing their shows on low-cost bootlegs brings a new dimension to seeing one of their shows." - And the greatest American rock band ever is ...

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