Thursday, April 21, 2005

Wooster Collective : David Choe

Leyendo el blog del dibujante y empresario de comics Jim Lee, postea esta imagen que fue coloreada por David Choe.
Image hosted by

De ahi me paso a su página:

lo acaban de entrevistar para Wooster Collective:

I fire up the playstation and play the best/worst thing in the universe, GRAND THEFT AUTO SAN ANDREAS nothing makes you more anti-social than this thing. I've had it since it came out and have yet to pass one mission. I start each day by killing at least 100 people I shoot them repeatedy in their genitals with an AK-47 even after they're already dead, when I was staying at my cousins house my 7 year old nephew walked in one me while I was doing this. It was not a good scene. But the true diamond in this game is the photographing option, as an illustrator I've sort of had to become a photographer by necessity for a lot of the shit I have to photo reference, but I would never call myself a photographer. But in this world I am the greatest photographer in the universe. I'll spend hours, days in this game trying to get the right shot, I'll picture it in my head and then spend hours trying to make it happen.

Tienen que jugar para entender que esta actitud es semi estandar en el juego. Semi, he is still one crazy psycho artist.

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