Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I for one welcome our robot dentist overlords...

Creo que me define como persona. Prefiero a los robots controlando plantas nucleares, volando aviones, hasta gobernando con un puño de hierro a los débiles humanos... pero nunca, nunca me someteré a un dentista robot!!!

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Tactile Tech - ILS Features

Israeli start-up Tactile Technologies wants to put a robot in your mouth.

The company recently obtained US Food and Drug Administration marketing approval for its novel dental implant location software, a 3D surgery planning solution.

The Implant Location System (ILS) uses a disposable micro-robot for carrying out dental implant procedures.

The bone-sensing technology enables precision measurement of bone tissue covered by soft tissue, without the need for invasive surgical procedures. ILS applies tactile sensing technology to offer intra-oral image-guided navigation specifically for dentists.

via we make money not art: Israeli dental robot makes implants less painful

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