Monday, April 11, 2005

DEA Resources

Mientras me pregunto que hace una liga a la DEA en mi computadora, el boletín es bastante entretenido. Sin duda probando que no importa que tan "inventivos" se pongan los traficantes la DEA lo ha visto antes.

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The DEA Southwest Laboratory (Vista, California) recently received a submission of six small Sentron® fire extinguishers, each containing a packed white powder, suspected cocaine (see Photos 15 and 16, below). The exhibits were seized from three different cars in Nogales by Agents from the DEA Tucson Resident Office. The cannisters were labeled in Spanish, and the pressure gauges indicated that the extinguishers were at least partially full; however, none were actually under pressure. The nozzle portions on all six cannisters could be unscrewed; however, removal of the contents required a power saw to cut the cannister open. Analysis of the powder (total net mass approximately 12 kilograms) by GC, IR, and MS confirmed cocaine hydrochloride (average purity approximately 90 percent). This was the laboratory's first encounter with this particular smuggling technique.

Aún con todo esto siempre pensaré que el mejor amigo del trafico de drogas son las horas extras, el trabajo burocrático... and just not giving a fuck.

DEA Resources, Microgram, June 2004

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