Monday, February 07, 2005

Nicaraguan Dies After Eating Live Fish

Después de perder 2 apuestas deportivas este fin de semana, llego a esta historia que me alerta de los peligros de "apostar"

A man who joked to friends that he would eat a fish live choked to death when the creature squirmed and lodged in his throat, police and coroner's officials said Thursday.

Police said the incident occurred when 22-year-old Jose Angel Torres Padilla was fishing with friends on Monday in the municipality of Dario, about 40 miles north of the capital.

Police said the man's friends told them he had put the fish in his mouth, joking that he was going to eat it live. But the fish squirmed and slipped down his throat.

Benito Lindo, coroner for the provincial capital of Matagalpa, told The Associated Press by telephone that doctors conducting an autopsy had found a fish in the man's throat.

y todo porque sus amigos le "apostaron" que no se tragaba el pez...

thanks a lot FRIEND!

Yahoo! News - Nicaraguan Dies After Eating Live Fish

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