Thursday, February 03, 2005 - Unwitting coffee model awarded $15.6M

Despues de 10 años de haber posado para unos fotos, un hombre se da cuenta que Nescafe sigue utilizando su imagen.

y un veredicto le da 15.6 millones de dólares....

A jury has awarded $15.6 million to a man whose image was used for years without his permission on Taster's Choice coffee labels.

Russell Christoff, a former model from Northern California, posed for a two-hour Nestle photo shoot in 1986 but figured it was a bust -- until he stumbled across his likeness on a coffee jar while shopping at a drug store in 2002.

A legal dispute with Nestle USA ensued, during which Christoff, 58, declined the company's $100,000 settlement offer, and Nestle USA turned down his offer to to settle for $8.5 million.

Last week, a Los Angeles County Superior Court jury ordered Nestle USA to pay Christoff $15.6 million for using his likeness without his permission and profiting from it. The award includes 5 percent of the Glendale-based company's profit from Taster's Choice sales from 1997 to 2003.

la mejor parte, y la razón por la cual no se dió cuenta antes de que estaban usando su imagen:

"I don't buy Taster's Choice," he said. "I do beans."

whatever, con los 15 millones se puede comprar muchos granos de café...

Nestlé va a apelar el veridicto... of course. - Unwitting coffee model�awarded�$15.6M - Feb 1, 2005

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