Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Masamania, Dog legs.

Creo que la presentación es texto suficiente para introducir el post:

this time I tntroduce you to the handicapped pro-wrestling, Dog legs. the name of this show was name after the handicapped people's leg that is similar to, This wrestling is fought mainly by handicapped people. But there are no fightiging that non handicapped people fight each other. Dog legs is purely for the handicapped fighter who want to beat up not only same handicapped people but also non handicapped mother fucker.

handicap wrestling...

Masamania es un fotoblog, japonés muy bizarro, y atragantador de ancho de banda... suficiente advertencia, recomiendo: asalariados durmiendo en todas partes, y transvesties japoneses

Masamania, Handicapped pro wrestling

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