Friday, July 01, 2005

Ten Things To Know About Walt Disney World

La lista de nakedjen de las 10 cosas que se deben saber de Disney empieza inocentemente con:

1. Crabby children come with even crabbier parents who are determined to make sure that little Johnny or Susie squeaks every possible moment out of this magical vacation that took every single penny of the second mortgage to afford.

sigue con:

9. Speaking of those characters, in the words of my astute nine year old niece, “They’re just entertainers, you know. They’re paid to hug you and make you smile. It’s not like they really like you.” She said this to her own mother who was quite keen on getting hugs and autographs from as many “characters” as possible while she was there spending her children’s college fund on the family vacation.

y termina con:

10. When attempting to take a naked picture lying on Mickey’s Bed, alarms will go off. There’s a reason that there is a do not cross sign there. His bedroom really is off limits. The minute you step into his bedroom, loud alarms sound and Disney cast members come running to see what all the commotion is about. They then will discover you standing there half in the room, half out of the room without your clothes on and they will not be PLEASED at all.

It is a far better idea to take your “naked” photos in Minnie Mouse’s house, which is right next-door. While there are loads of very small children traipsing through, there are no alarms and thus you have a far better chance of actually getting naked, having your niece snap a quick photo, and moving along to the next attraction without creating a spectacle!

she is nakedjen after all...
nakedjen: Ten Things To Know About Walt Disney World

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