Friday, July 01, 2005

Mom sells face space for tattoo advertisement

Una mujer de 24 años se tatúa para ganar 10,000 dólares... y darle una mejor educación a su hijo (no hagas lo mismo que tus padres parece ser el primer mensaje)

For $10,000 and a brighter future for her son, Kari Smith on Wednesday became a real life pop-up ad for a virtual casino.
Smith shows off the new ad site. She plans to use the $10,000 to send her son Brady, left, to a private school.

Keith Johnson, Deseret Morning News
"It feels like someone is taking a pin and just stabbing you with it," Smith told her son, Brady, seated nearby on the floor as tattoo artist Don Brouse — in permanent black block letters — branded her forehead with the Web site domain
The 30-year-old Bountiful mother, who put the space up for auction on the Web, will be promoting the multinational gambling site, which makes the claim — using a little more color and a lot more flash — to be the No. 1 online casino.
"Will it go numb?" she asked.
"It'll go as numb as your brain," Brouse replied.
"My brain is already numb," she said, laughing. | Mom sells face space for tattoo advertisement

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