Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Scientists 'raise the dead' in experiment

Debo admitir que el encabezado me hizo hacer un inventario de todas las tiendas donde podría conseguir armas para combatir a los muertos vivientes... pero decidí leer todo el articulo primero:

Zombies rising from the dead sound like the stuff of horror films and nightmares - but it could soon be reality.

Scientists have discovered a way to bring dead dogs back to life.

Using a so-called suspended animation technique, they emptied the dead animals' veins of blood and filled them with ice-cold saline solution to preserve the tissues and organs.

The animals had no heartbeat or brain activity and were classed as being clinically dead.

The saline solution was then replaced with fresh blood and electric shocks were used to restart the heart. The dogs appeared unharmed by their suspension and had suffered no brain damage

Scientists at the Safar Centre in Pittsburgh hope to use the technique on humans within a year and are in talks with hospitals about trials on trauma patients.

They believe it could save the lives of people who have suffered massive blood loss, such as battlefield casualties or stabbings victims.

'The results are stunning. They have these dogs with complete cardiac standstill for three hours and they recover to normality,' said trauma surgeon Dr Howard Champion.

still very creepy...

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