Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Drawing Restraint 9

El nuevo proyecto de Mathew Barney (mejor conocido como el autor de la serie Cremaster... ah si y la pareja de Bjork...)

Drawing Restraint 9, a film by Matthew Barney with a soundtrack composed by Björk, represents the first creative collaboration of two of the most protean, dynamic forces in music and fine art.

It is an apt pairing. Refusing to choose between pop pleasure and restless experimentation, Björk's musical vision weds technology and emotion, countering gut-level expression with an insistence upon formal modernity and innovation.

bjork.com : Drawing Restraint 9

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via L. más informaición del proyecto:

Björk has done some interesting things with film and music in her day, whether working with video directors such as Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry or filmmaker Lars Von Trier. These days, she's approaching film music from a different angle, contributing her talents to her baby daddy Matthew Barney's latest installment of his Drawing Restraint series. The film, Drawing Restraint 9, premieres July 1 in Kanazawa, Japan, and like the rest of the series us "centered on the conflicted relationship between human beings and their cultural environment, as well as the struggles of energies within the human body." It will feature a soundtrack of new music by Björk, a CD of which will follow (not, we assume, only in Japan) later in July.

Pitchfork: Daily Music News

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