Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Art Dorks

Art Dorks es una comunidad artística que acaba de comenzar en la red:

Art Dorks is a place on the wide world of the interweb for like minded artists to share their art work in the Gallery, talk smack in the Forums or just hang out and breath in that new website smell (better hurry, it's starting to fade). For the time being, the Gallery is open to anyone who wants to share their art work. Okay, not ANYONE... if you think your art is compatible with Art Dorks, please join. However, we reserve the right to reject any artwork (Pokemon, Disney and just plain bad art will probably be deleted).

Thanks for visiting Artdorks.com. Spread the word and together we'll try to keep this thing alive.

-Brendan Danielsson, King of the Dorks

Realmente hay de todo ya que los artístas no siguen una línea establecida.

unos ejemplos:

Art Dorks

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