Friday, May 06, 2005

Joe R. Lansdale

Joe R. Lansdale es un texano curioso. Escritor de horror, excelente cuentista, experto en artes marciales... la lista sigue y sigue. Pero que su trabajo hable por él, una pequeña parte de su historia Chompers


For Steve Mertz

Old Maude, who lived in alleys, combed trashcans, and picked rags, found the false teeth in a puddle of blood back of Denny’s. Obvious thing was that there had been a mugging, and some unfortunate who’d been wandering around out back had gotten his or her brains beaten out, and then hauled off somewhere for who knows what.

But the teeth, which had probably hopped from the victim’s mouth like some kind of frightened animal, still remained, and the blood they lay in was testimony to the terrible event.

la historia completa esta en su página donde cada semana publica una historia diferente.

Home of Joe R. Lansdale

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