Monday, May 30, 2005

Dr. Doom contesta su fan mail

Y se resuelven algunas dudas que han existido acerca de entre otras cosas... su vida académica:

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Dr. Doctor Doom,

I’ve been wondering for many years – how did you acquire the title of
"Doctor", which requires a PhD, if you were expelled from Empire State
University after your lab exploded during an attempt to contact the

Curious in Chronopolis

Dear Curious,

While usually Doom would upbraid an underling for such impertinence, this is a recurring question, so for once he will deign to answer. You are correct in your apprehension: the fools at Empire State did not recognize his absolute genius, so he was indeed asked to leave before his desired studies were complete. But ultimately it turned out for the best, as he had quickly reached the limits of what I could learn in such a torpid intellectual environment. Doom’s mind is matchless, and once he had absorbed what pitiful scraps could be gained from an association with that wretched university, he was only too happy too leave. Doom’s studies were ever destined to lead him into the harsh and deadly realms of outer experience – subjects which certainly do not appear on the syllabus of any accredited university!

But in terms of his actual title, Doom earned his PhDs from the fine folks at the University of Phoenix, whose distance learning programs allowed Doom to complete his proscribed studies in Astrophysics and Advanced Mechanical Engineering without leaving the comfort of his castle. Also, although it is not commonly known, Doom possesses an MA in English Literature, meaning that he is qualified to teach literature and composition at most high schools and community colleges, should the need occur.

The Hurting

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