Monday, May 30, 2005

why americans should never be allowed to travel

Colección de conversaciones verdaderas de agentes de viaje en Estados Unidos:

dos ejemplos:

A woman called and said, "I need to fly to Pepsi-cola on one of those computer planes." I asked if she meant to fly to Pensacola on a commuter plane. She said, "Yeah, whatever."

A businessman called and had a question about the documents he needed in order to fly to China. After a lengthy discussion about passports, I reminded him he needed a visa. "Oh no I don't, I've been to China many times and never had to have one of those." I double checked and sure enough, his stay required a visa. When I told him this he said, "Look, I've been to China four times and every time they have accepted my American Express."

Si ese no es el perfecto comercial de Visa para seguir humillando a American Express... no se cual es.

why americans should never be allowed to travel

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