Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Randy Constan

Después de ver la página de Randy Constan, me quedan claras muchas cosas. Internet no vino para acortar las distancias de los mensajes de la humanidad. Ni siquiera para acrecentar la piratería. Vamos, ni siquiera para ayudarle a los niños a hacer su tarea.

Internet, existe para que en lugar de que la locura se quede en tu casa atrapada, tenga una forma de salir al mundo exterior y copular violentamente creando más locura.

Este es Randy, bastante normal si obviamos el peinado beatle...

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Este es Peter Pan, bastante normal si eres un niño...

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Este es Randy Pan....
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Randy habla:

Hello, and welcome to my Home page. I've created this site to share a little about myself with friends, both old and new. I must confess at the outset that this certainly qualifies as a "vanity page", and is full of graphics and text about me! Yes, Peter Pan is a character known for vanity, but that is not my main intent! Rather, it is intended to Reach out to other like minded souls, potential new friends, and others who believe in magic and diversity, while having some fun.

I also started this site so that Tinkerbell would have an easier time finding me! . [Where are you Peter?] So first of all I should say that I'm 50, and I live in Tampa Florida. As you can see from my photo, I'm making considerable effort and (hopefully!) having some success at staying young... maybe even childlike.

Peter Pan's Home

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