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circle of confusion

Revista electrónica de fotografía canadiense:

From The Publisher

Jennifer McCormickIt is not unusual in this house to have a variety of writers and photographers gathering for coffee, treats and discussion. Through chance meetings via the 'Net and discussion groups, we've formed our own art community. The experiences and knowledge shared on a myriad of topics ranging from Renaissance plays to night shooting in the desert to weather phenomenon in Toronto are a refreshing breath of intellectual air for this stay-at-home mother.

Sean and I were casting about for a way to combine our creative talents, and he suggested we create our own eZine. I was dubious at first; not of his abilities, but of mine. After all, my writing skills have been gathering brain dust since our daughter was born almost four years ago, and I wasn't sure either of us would have enough time to dedicate to such an intensive project. However, the niggling little voice in my head kept telling me that we knew these fascinating folks who just happened to be photographers, and I'm always grousing about the fact that there doesn't seem to be enough avenues for the promotion of Canadian identity. So, with the re-visitation of my muse and some prodding from the other half, Circle of Confusion has been born.

Inside this issue you will catch a glimpse inside the creative minds of Canadian photographers such as night shooter, Larrie Thomson who wanders the roads less traveled capturing rural spots by moonlight. Torontonian, Gayla Trail, revels in capturing the everyday sites with a variety of novelty cameras while West Coaster, Kevin Gulstene, demonstrates uncanny knack of singling out one piece of beauty surrounded by the mundane. Also, Rick McGinnis lets us see his vision through sepia-coloured lenses while art director, Rick Thibert talks about what it takes to be a published photographer in WestWorld.

Join us on our inaugural tour through some Canadian shutters.

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foto de Larrie Thompson

circle of confusion --- hyper-focused on canadian photography

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