Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Apple - Pro/Video - Fabien Cousteau, p. 1

El nieto de Cousteau, crea un transporte robot en forma de tiburón para poder estudiarlos más de cerca:

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“When I was seven years old I read a Tintin story called ‘Rackham le Rouge,’ where he makes a sub in the shape of a shark and goes underwater,” recalls Cousteau. “Since then I’ve always wanted to build a shark sub.” The idea has family precedent: in 1989 his father deployed a shark look-alike vehicle that was attacked by a large female Great White and completely destroyed. Fabien is undaunted; Troy, he points out, is an utterly different beast.

Apple - Pro/Video - Fabien Cousteau, p. 1

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excelente artículo, algo que no habia visto en el newsletter de apple desde que conocí a Antibalas

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