Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Twins born two months apart

Este tipo de historias se archivan en el "realmente no creo que haya pasada, but fucked up if it did"

A Romanian woman who gave birth to a baby boy almost two months ago has just delivered his twin brother.

Maricica Tescu, from Iasi, had her first baby on December 11 when doctors told her she had a double uterus and another baby was still growing inside her womb.

The first baby, nicknamed Speedy, weighed 3.5lb at birth while his younger brother, born by caesarean operation and nicknamed Bashful, weighed 5.7lb.

Doctors say both twins are healthy despite being born two months apart.

Dr Elena Mihalceanu, from Cuza Voda Maternity in Iasi, told National newspaper it was the first case of its kind locally.

"It's extraordinary that both babies survived," she said.

Ananova - Twins born two months apart

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