Friday, February 25, 2005

Heavy metal 'Beasts of Satan' are jailed for three ritual murders

Posteada simplemente porque pensé que el culto a Satán se habia quedado en los 80's...

TWO members of an Italian heavy metal band called Beasts of Satan were jailed yesterday after they confessed to taking part in three ritual slayings.

Andrea Volpe and Pietro Guerrieri had confessed to roles in the 1998 killings of Chiara Marino, 19, and Fabio Tollis, 16, in woods outside Milan. Five other members of their suspected Satanic cult have been ordered to stand trial in June.

Volpe, considered the mastermind of the ritual killings, was sentenced to 30 years in prison - ten more than prosecutors had asked for. Guerrieri was given 16 years in prison.

A third accused, Mario Maccione, whom authorities claimed played a secondary part in the murders, was cleared.

Prosecutors said the suspects belonged to an occult sect that carried out the January 1998 killings in a drug-fuelled Satanic ritual in woodland near Somma Lombardo, north-west of Milan. Ms Marino was stabbed to death and Mr Tollis - her boyfriend and a singer in the band - was killed with a hammer. The couple were buried next to each other.

Authorities said the cult had tried once before to kill the pair by burning them alive in a car on New Year’s Eve. News - International - Heavy metal 'Beasts of Satan' are jailed for three ritual murders

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