Friday, June 17, 2005

Jerome's Wonders,

Este es Jerome:

Su página esta escrita por (uno de sus padres, primera vez que maldigo al idioma inglés por su ambiguedad de genero... J. Dominguez M.D. hmm podría ser su padre, pero igualmente podría ser su madre... whatever read on) y empieza así:

My son Jerome is still missing after the terrorist disaster of September 11, 2001 on the Twin Towers in New York City.

Que no es tan raro mucha gene no ha aparecido, pero Jerome no es como toda la gente:

His friend Bob had to have Hernia Surgery... ask your friend Jerome to help you, we told him... he did!, just a Hail Mary not expecting too much... one week later the wife called, and I asked her, how is Bob, how was the operation?... No, she answered, he went to the operating room and was told, "you don't need surgery"... I am a Medical Doctor, and I still don't know how a hernia operation can be cancelled just like that!.

His other friend, Berlanga, was called from the Air Force Reserve to go to Aphganistan... his main problem was that he had to stay Christmas away from home... again, we told him, ask Jerome to help you... he did!, again just a Hail Mary... two weeks later he was on the phone... Where are you, Berlanga?, I asked... I am in New York, they brought me to 6 countries, England, Turkey, Greece, Pakistan, not to Aphganistan... and they just told me, go home until after New Year, so here I am!.

que para milagros otra vez no es la gran cosa... pero lo siguiente...

The first experiences I had with Jerome was two days after the disaster, on September 13:

I was working on the Internet at 6:30 AM, and Jerome was missing in the tragedy of the World Trade Center for almost 48 hours... suddenly I told Jerome: If you are in Heaven, can you give me a sign?... immediately I said again: Forget it Jero!, because I knew Jerome did not like extra-natural experiences... but 10 minutes later, when I had forgotten my question to Jero, I looked at the statistics of this same Domain and on September 11 had 52,000 hits...
... This may look nothing to you, but for 3 years, I had been working to increase the number of hits on this Domain that was about 25,000 hits per day in 1998, and after thousands of working hours and about 50 web sites more, the number of hits never went over 30,000 hits, it looked like an impossible wall to brake.... and, all of a sudden, 52,000, 53,000 the next day... and the next day 56,654... and up to today, January 30, 2002, the number of hits has been around 50,000, with one day, an impossible!, 106,181 hits!... without any human explanation I can give... now, in 2004, the hits are usually about 200,000 per day... thanks, Jero!.

Of course, this may not mean much to you, but for me it was an immediate answer of Jero, telling me he was dead and that he was in Heaven!...

Jerome... el santo de las estadísticas de visita???

lo leyeron primero aqui...

Jerome's Wonders, the little miracles of Jerome after his death on 911 in the World Trade Center in New York

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