Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Who are the Interesting Motherfuckers?

Revista electrónica que responde esa pregunta milenaria. Who are the interesting Motherfuckers?

Aqui su entrada de Toshiro Mifune(a very interesting motherfucker):

Toshiro Mifune, playing one of the seven samurai who've been hired to protect a farming village from bandits has just been knocked down by a rifle blast to the gut. Stunned, he pulls himself up, then runs at the bandit who fired upon him. The dude sees Toshiro coming at him sword first, and you can practically hear the thoughts going through his head. "I killed you, nigga! How can you still be standing? Goddamn! Argh!" The "argh" occurs when Toshiro runs that fool through with three foot long samurai sword. Is that balls or what? Mifune has his intestines practically falling out of his chest, but he still knows gonna take this bitch out!

As such, it should come as no surprise to you that the English translation for "Toshiro" is "ass" and for "Mifune" it's "kickin'!" The Japanese actor who starred in 130 films from 1947 - 1996 would've had no problem eating Clint Eastwood for breakfast and poopin' out Charles Bronson. Hombre was tough! But he was more than just tough, he was funny. And unlike a lot of western tough guys, he could act! Chuckie Bronson's range was between that of an an oak tree and a two by four (Motherfucker was wooden!) but Mifune could be clownish (as he was in "The Seven Samurai"), stoic (as he was in the "Samurai" trilogy) and tender (per "Red Beard.")

Who are the Interesting Motherfuckers? - Acid Logic ezine

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