Monday, May 23, 2005

Visual Art - Illegal Art - Copyright

Una exhibición que recolecta las obras recientes más famosas de irrumpimiento de derechos de autor... ( y ya que estamos en eso por qué casi siempre los "derechos de autor" (doble parentesis en inglés no lo son tanto, pero uso el lenguaje que me acomode para probar mi teoría) son los que menos benefician a los "autores"?)

The laws governing "intellectual property" have grown so expansive in recent years that artists need legal experts to sort them all out. Borrowing from another artwork--as jazz musicians did in the 1930s and Looney Tunes illustrators did in 1940s--will now land you in court. If the current copyright laws had been in effect back in the day, whole genres such as collage, hiphop, and Pop Art might have never have existed.

The irony here couldn't be more stark. Rooted in the U.S. Constitution, copyright was originally intended to facilitate the exchange of ideas but is now being used to stifle it.

The Illegal Art Exhibit will celebrate what is rapidly becoming the "degenerate art" of a corporate age: art and ideas on the legal fringes of intellectual property. Some of the pieces in the show have eluded lawyers; others have had to appear in court.

Kieron Dwyer
"Consumer Whore"
Graphic, 1999

In 2000, a year after Kieron Dwyer made comic books, t-shirts, and stickers with his version of the Starbucks logo, the company sued him, obtaining an injunction that prevented Dwyer from using the parody until the case was scheduled to go to court over a year later. When the case was finally settled, Dwyer was allowed to continue displaying his logo but only in extremely limited circumstances. No more comic books, t-shirts, or stickers: he may post the image on the web but not on his own website -- nor may he link from his website to any other sites that show the parody. In short, Dwyer is permitted to use the logo as long as Starbucks can be confident that no one will see it.

muy completa y con ligas a las páginas de los autores:

Visual Art - Illegal Art - Copyright

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