Friday, May 27, 2005

Lessons learned from Revenge of the Sith

8 Lecciones de la Venganza del Sith

  • When the leader says “Everything’s fine, go wait on the LAVA PLANET", be suspicious.

  • The Dark Side of the Force is called “The Dark Side” for a reason. It’s not like “The Dark Side of the Moon".

  • Robots
    with cutesy voices are annoying, not adorable. That goes double for
    aliens with cutesy voices. Triple for robots with cutesy voices and
    smoker’s cough.

  • For some reason, robots talk to each other in English, instead of using wifi or bluetooth or something.

  • Coruscant
    OB/GYN technology leaves something to be desired. [Update: “Luke” and
    “Leia” are clearly the Naboo words for “Morphine” and “Epidural"]

  • 20 years seems like nothing when you’re ruling the galaxy.

  • Don’t forget what happened to your mother in the last movie, or there will be extra exposition.

  • Darth Vader is not scarier with an artful allusion to Frankenstein.

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