Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Indian bride invites substitute groom

Otra historia rara de la India... que me recuerda a lo que decia un comediante gringo (que puede o no ser Jerry Seinfeld) que la razón por la que la novia lleva un vestido muy singular y en cambio el hombre lleva un traje muy genérico es simplemente eso. El novio es intercambiabla. Si el novio falta, solo tienen que dar un paso a la izquierda y es facil mente remplazado.

An Indian bride invited volunteers from the audience after her groom deserted her at the last minute.

One man stepped forward and the couple were married within minutes, reports the Hindustan Times.

The original groom had been on the point of being married at Shivshankar Dham in Mirzapur district when he got cold feet.

He claimed the bride, Suggi, was not the same girl he had been introduced to before the arranged marriage and fled.

The bride's male relatives caught up with the runaway groom but, after a scuffle, he escaped.

Suggi then announced that anyone willing to marry her was welcome to come forward and occupy the vacant seat beside her.

One man, Balram, of Maklakher in Mirzapur district, immediately volunteered and Suggi's parents quickly approved their new son-in-law.

Ananova - Indian bride invites substitute groom

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