Friday, March 11, 2005

And we shall call him nemesis

El presidente de la MPAA visita México... y visita el barrio de Teapot??

MPAA's Glickman in Mexico to fight piracy

MEXICO CITY -- The U.S. motion picture industry and the Mexican government have embarked on a cross-border partnership in the battle against Mexican film pirates, who raked in $140 million last year, MPAA president Dan Glickman said at a news conference Wednesday. Glickman's anti-piracy mission to Mexico included a meeting with Mexican President Vicente Fox as well as a tour of one of the Mexico City's crime-ridden black-market areas, where he was able to acquire a pirated copy of his son's movie. Glickman later told reporters that Fox had designated top government official Eduardo Sojo as a point person to coordinate enforcement efforts between the Mexican government and the MPA, the MPAA's international counterpart.

pero la mejor parte... heheheh

Getting a firsthand glimpse of Mexico's back-street traders, Glickman -- accompanied by bodyguards -- toured Mexico City's Teapot neighborhood, which he later described as "one of the world's largest black markets."

que es inexplicable si dos parrafos después viene:

It was disturbing," he said. Although authorities stage periodic raids in Tepito, it is believed that they do not go after the larger distributors because they allegedly receive police protection.

esto es interesante y el cierre del artículo:

According to a study released by Screen Digest, Mexican theaters are the seventh-most-expensive in the world when considering relative purchasing power.

por lo que no sorprende la cantidad de piratería en México.

El artículo cita que México es el tercero en piratería detrás de China y Rusia...

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