Monday, January 24, 2005

The toddler who cannot feel pain

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Like any other toddler, Ben Whittaker has had his fair share of bumps and bruises. The difference is he doesn't feel any pain.
The 17-month-old from Royston, Yorkshire, is only the 33rd person ever to be diagnosed with the condition.

When Ben fractured his heel bone, he ran around as if nothing was wrong, and he shed no tears after pulling out a tooth.

His parents, Wayne and Joanne, say they cannot let him out of their sight.

You just can't let him out of your sight
Wayne Whittaker

The couple first noticed that Ben was different to other toddlers when he was nine months old. He took a hot chip from his father's plate and blistered three fingers - without showing any signs of distress.

The health visitor suggested there may be something unusual about the way Ben dealt with pain.

The toddler then broke his heel bone while he was playing at home.

When he was taken to hospital for treatment, doctors saw Ben running around despite having a plaster cast on his foot.

Wayne Whittaker told the BBC News Website the doctors had said Ben would have been "in agony" if he had been an adult.

BBC NEWS | Health | The toddler who cannot feel pain

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