Thursday, September 02, 2004

Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Esta es una silla de director cualquiera.

pero deja de ser cualquiera si la diseña Ewan Mcgregor

aparte de wookie, ahora ya es diseñador.

Who could be better placed to design a foldaway director’s chair than a Hollywood actor who is used to spending hours sitting in one, waiting for his close-up? If you follow this line of thinking, you might as well have a musician designing CD racks, a footwear designer creating the perfect shoe horn and while you’re at it, why not ask a jewellery designer to draw up the plans for a velvet-lined safe? If you’re Tom Dixon, creative director of Habitat, such a notion makes perfect sense. But if Dixon’s regular team of product designers are getting worried about being made redundant, they can rest easy. Next month, Habitat launches its first ever limited edition VIP collection. These Very Important Products have been designed by a list of famous names in celebration of Habitat’s 40th year in business.

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