Wednesday, August 11, 2004

A sick trade

Existe gente que se enriquece de la miseria de otros (yeah I know, "what's new?") pero de Anorexia y Bulimia???

vendiendo productos pro-anorexia???

y que productos??



resulta que son entre otras cosas guias de como vomitar, etc. y pulseras para que sepan a que banda pertenecen (anos vs bulis) o si de plano estas en recuperación.

The phenomenon of weborexics first became apparent about three years ago with the emergence of so-called pro-ano, or pro-anorexia, websites. But they've taken a sinister turn, with several sites cashing in by selling pro-ano merchandise, including teddy bears, "ana" bracelets and tank tops with slogans such as "nothing eaten, nothing gained".

Pro-anos are one of the more disturbing online communities because of their promotion of anorexia as a lifestyle choice and badge of honour. The websites typically contain a weight-loss weblog, a how-to guide with tips on starving and purging, and "trigger pictures" of thin celebrities.

Many of the homepages and forums have been disabled but a plethora of sites can still be easily found. Anorexics can now go online and for between $US3 ($4.30) and $US25 buy a red-beaded "ana" bracelet - a symbol of solidarity that identifies them to the rest of the community. The bracelets are designed to help anorexics resist their hunger by being worn on the hand used to eat with.

Red bracelets signify anorexia and blue "mia" bracelets represent bulimia. Green symbolises recovery. Health professionals believe these sites can influence their anorexic patients, including those who end up in hospital with life-threatening conditions.

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