Tuesday, September 30, 2003

The Solution for Illegal Immigration? Let's Invade Mexico

Una de las verdaderas joya de estar suscrito a un servicio de informacion con la palabra "mexico" como referente.

Un articulo de opinion donde la opinion es como el titulo sugiere, la invasion de Mexico por los Estados Unidos.

Pense que era el tipico: "Stay on your side of the border" pero comenzando con eso se salta a:

So they come to America, where various Latino supremacist groups such as The Race (La Raza) work diligently for the invasion. Their work is made easier by California's craven, soon-to-be ex-Governor Gray Davis, who, in a desperate, wrong-headed effort to keep his job, recently signed into law a bill giving California drivers’ licenses to illegals. Once illegals have drivers' licenses they'll be able to vote and the inevitable result will be voter fraud. This is exactly what those who drive this agenda have in mind. What other time in history has a country allowed itself to be invaded in this way?

various Latino supremacist groups ?? Chicano is beautiful aside... Existe algo asi como grupos supremacistas latinos? O es otra aparicion de White minimalist groups? En donde todas las razas que se quejan de desigualdades se convierten en supremacistas??

y sigue y sigue:

But there is another way to look at this. After much discussion with like-minded friends, I believe I've found the solution to this vexing problem. Let's invade Mexico. As most of the population want to be in the U.S. anyway, why don't we just take it to them? After all it seems rather ridiculous for a first world nation to be conquered by a third world nation. We'll whip up that oil production. Clean up the drinking water. Pave roads. Get the dismal infrastructure into shape. And build jobs.

Latino supremacist groups dream of a Greater Mexico that will include California and Texas. Does that mean that we wouldn't be able to drink the water then? Why take the chance. I'll make a bet that the Mexican populace would be thrilled to join the first world. All that money from the worker bees would then stay in America. And we wouldn't have to worry about driver's licenses for illegals, because they'd be Americans.

Porque eso es lo que queremos... ser gringos. no?

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"The Solution for Illegal Immigration? Let's Invade Mexico" by Minnie?Hanover

y si Estaban Loaiza no gana el Cy Young, voy a juntarme con mi grupo supremacista latino y obligar a un gringo a tomar agua de la llave!

y soy el unico o cada que oigo el termino "latino" me imagino togas y aceite de oliva?

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