Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Emotions Revealed

El profesor Ekman tiene una idea:

That's because scientists then believed that expressions and gestures were learned socially and varied among cultures. Charles Darwin, however, believed that at least seven of the basic emotions -- sadness, happiness, anger, contempt, disgust, fear and surprise -- were expressed in the same way universally.
So Ekman set out to prove this by studying populations in Japan, Brazil, the United States, Indonesia and the former Soviet Union. All exhibited the same expressions.

Y que hizo el buen profesor con toda esta informaciòn? pues hacerse dos cds y venderlos en internet por supuesto.

But a new set of CD-ROMs developed by Ekman can help people recognize
emotional "leakage" -- facial expressions that signal when a person is willfully suppressing or unconsciously repressing an emotion.

Y para que pueden servir estos cds? segun el sitio, para departamentos de recursos humanos a la hora de contrataciòn, psicologos, etc. yeah whatever.

Yo los usarìa para barrer en el poker... who's bluffing now...

aqui pueden comprar los cd-roms con el curso de identificaciòn de emociones.
Emotions Revealed

aqui la nota de wired magazine:
Wired News: What a Half-Smile Really Means
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